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A night out

That ended up with barely a half night out... Why? Because I felt like crap.

Finally had a long weekend to enjoy and we were going out to celebrate
Ads' auntie and cousin with some cocktails and a night out dancing..
The lads came to our house around 3-4pm and had quite a few drinks before
they headed out to the pub to watch United play Barca (Gutted for them as they lost).
Was fun to have the house full for once :) 

I was enjoying a few glasses of red vino whilst getting ready for the night out.
I then went next door to Ads' mums and had a cider and some weird shots that
someone had with them.. I only managed 2 cocktails at our favourite bar
Las Iguanas and after that I went home.. It was only 22.15pm when I left them all..

I was gutted. I Could not breathe and I had become quite tipsy in a very short time..
Hate being ill. I got a pizza and then went straight to bed.. :(
Not going out drinking for a while, that's for sure. 
Can't wait to be able to enjoy myself fully..
Here are a few of the pics I managed to take before I went back home.
My beautiful new dress that I bought in Sweden was wasted for a few hours.. 
Oh well, will have to wear it again soon!!


A night out few weeks ago :) 

One of our favourite places to go for some cocktails :) Las Iguanas.
I tried a new cocktail which tasted like cinnamon. Yummy :P
Me after a few too many drinks :P Just having a fun time haha
This is where I go totally crazy haha Don't know what was going through my head...
My neck was hurting for days after this nigh haha :$
Love this pic :) I didn't have a care in the world.
And they were playing Metallica. I love them!!
Good night all in all :) I love that dress. It looks short I know..
But I was wearing black shorts underneath.. 
If I was abroad I would not have bothered..
Why is that? I always feel more comfortable wearing less clothes abroad..
Oh well.

Random nights out

Been out quite a lot the last few months.

Here are random pics from those nights.

First set of pics are from when I celebrated my belated B-day party with some good friends.

I miss my tan :'(

Next set of pictures is from Halloween. Went to our favourite cocktail bar and
had far too many drinks and ended up going home at midnight :X WOOPS!

I don't actually dress up.. But I thought I looked a bit like a biker chick? Haha or something ;)

♥ Love this pic of us :) We look very nice together don't we? ;) Love you always! ♥

A very special friend :) Love ya girl! You are always there and I appreciate you!

Few weeks ago I went out with Adams family and we had a good and crazy night :D

I got stuck to Ads' t-shirt lol and I found it quite amusing ^^ He was not very happy tho :P

Last party

Ok last weekend I went out for a friends B-day, we work together so a few people that
were in my training came too and some new people I've not met before.
All in all a great night as I ended up coming home just before 5 am and had to wake up at 9 to go hiking :X haha.
Was well worth it tho ;)

Only took a few pics, because I was too busy dancing and being social! :P
Some of the pictures won't make it on here.. Why? They're just too mad ;)

First place we went to and had quite a few drinks.

2nd place (Good old Revolution). I'm the tallest person every time I go out :(
No matter who I go out with.. They're all short!! And I feel stupid, so I bend down,
and then I look silly in pictures.. I won't be doing that no more! I will stand straight!

Don't ask :P hahaha, these two are totally mental.

Last place, called Poptastic and it's in the Village (and the best!!)
Totally wasted. (Most of them ;) not me!!!)

I love going out in the gay village, because you don't get harassed by boys haha! :D

I am going out tonight (Again!). Not sure what I will wear as I got nothing left!!
And not feeling too great, but it is a close friends B-day and I don't want to miss it!

Nights out

It feels like I've been going out every weekend. And I still got 2 more nights out before the holidays!

It's been fun though :) Only problem was finding what clothes to wear! :p
I didn't drink few of the times we went out as I felt like I needed a break from it.
Saved loads of money too! ;)

Here are some pics from 2 weeks ago.

From a night out with Adams sister and family.
It was hers and his brothers gf's B-day.
Was fun until later on when we went to a Chinese karaoke bar... What a horrible place.

Me and Janette, one of the B-day girls.

One angle, taken from his sisters cam.

Different angle, my cam :) ♥

Meeee and his sister :) The other B-day girl!

Hen night at The Birdcage

Last Friday we went out for Joannes Hen Party.
(She is the daughter of Adams mums best friend).

We went to The Birdcage. I had only heard about this place before, and seen people
who had been queing outside when I've walked past it before.
So I did not know what to expect.
All in all a good night. I was sober! :) Had Monster Energy Drinks and Red bull haha.

Here are some pics.
We started the night in a bar not far from the Birdcage.
I was wearing a sparkly thing as I've had it for a while now and never worn it! Thought it fit in with the theme they had in The Bircage haha. (They have Dragqueen shows in there for people who don't know)

Jiggy nights out

The one thing I love about Traveljigsaw (my new-ish) job,
is all the crazy and wonderful friends I've met :)

Last week I went out with a lovely bunch.
Some of them were Portugese, Brasilian, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Swedish and even
English :P We took over Slug and Lettuce on Deansgate hehe. The bartenders were
quite amazed by all the languages we were speaking amongst each other.

I had a lovely time. It was Katherines leaving do.. I can't blame her for leaving.
But I will miss her alot! Hope to see her again soon :)
And I wish her all the best in the future.

Here are some pics from the crazy night. (We started at 4pm haha)

Me and Kat ♥

Me, Bianca and Christina

Rodrigo, Kat, Bianca, Mara, Christina, Me and crazy Amaro

The crazy bunch

A very crazy, but fun night! Can't wait for next time :D

Friday night live

So I went out with my friend Charlene and her friend Naeema on Friday night. It was alot of fun :)
We went to Revolution first and then we ended up in Prohibition. Love that place. The interior was so nice.
Danced for a few hours and had alot to drink too :P I especially enjoyed the Mojitos. Yummy.
Was nice to catch up with Charlene and her friend was so nice too :) Looking forward to going out with them again.

I love this picture. I think it's one of my favourites :X

I worked for a few hours on Saturday and then I went to town to meet up with a dear friend of mine.
It was nice to meet you again S bear :) And Nandos was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s as usual ;)
Can't wait to see you again.

We don't meet up very often, but we still keep in touch.
My friend said something that brightened up my day.

S: "You are a writer that's why". When we were discussing something.
My friend has always been so supportive of me and my writing. It was thanks to my friend
that I finally wrote the piece about Balkan. Thank you.

Twinkle toes.

Hen party

Here are some pictures from Saturday night.
I was wearing one of my newest dresses. I look like Tarzans Jane in it haha.
And I was wearing 11 cm's high heels which made me very tall :P
I loved it!

Vicki and me at Las Iguanas drinking cocktails.

 Janette with her 2 drinks lol

Hahaha so true ;)

  The hen
(Click on pictures to make them bigger)

Fancy Dress Party

I survived my first fancy dress party :D
Never dressed up before :X  That meant I did not want to go all out :P
Although I did feel very comfortable dressed up as a sailor :D
Here are some pictures from the night.

Ads' mum,Janette and meee :D
Ay ay captain :P
The girls (some of us haha)
Danny to the right had the most hillarious outfit :P (click to see it larger)
Loved his outfit :P

Danny without the wig :p
Robert in the outfit hahaha

The dancing Queens :D
The cutest couple,awww :) Chandra&Danny
Janette,Lisa and moi :)
hahaha Danny changed to a dress :p
Birthday girl Janet :) 50 years old,she does not look it!
Adam dressed up as... himself! :P Boooo

All in all it was a crazy night. I had a lot of fun and I did not get too drunk ;) only plesantly :P

Going out on Saturday again,for a hen party :D What to wear....Hmmm.Here we go again!!


Here are some pictures from the Birthday party we went to last Saturday.
It was Ads' cousin Danny's 21st.
It was a mental day :D
We had soooo much fun and I got totally bladdered.

I know I should put the pictures up from our US of A trip first.... But I need more time to do it!
Will do it all over the weekend :)

Click on the smaller pictures to see them a bit larger.

the birthday boy and his lovely girlfriend Chandra :)

Me and Ads :)

Cousin,me and Ads' sister.

1st shot of black sambuca. (We had 3 each haha)

 Al and me = POSERS hahaha

 Cutie Pieeee!!

 Janette and moi.

Me and the b-day boy.

 Father and son.

 Mother and son.


 After many many (TOO) many drinks! hahaha

Karolina bladdered. Here is the proof :P

Friday night

We went out Friday night.
For V's birthday.
Was only 5 of us,but I had so much fun with them :)
They are crazy! :D
Danced all night, just the way I like it!! ♥
Met soooo many Londoners out in town too.
Most of them had come over to see Oasis.
Not sure why, but I do like the London accent.
Kept making fun of them, and they made fun of my Swedish accent haha :p

Here are some of the pictures from the night :)

..Razorlight part 2..

The concert was amazing :D

We went to Pizza express first and had some food.
Then we went to Las Iguanas where they have buy 1 get 1 free cocktails :p
Can't say no to that ;)
Got to the MEN arena and had a glass of rose.
And waited for them to come out on stage.

I first heard of Razorlight when I moved over to England.
Ads has been to their concerts before.
Was my 1st time but I will definitely go see them again :)
Brilliant music, I did not want it to end.
Was dancing,screaming and jumping around.
They sound awesome Live.
If you ever get a chance to see them, you should!
You wont regret it :)

Here is a picture collage from last night.

Friday Night

Last night I was out with the girlies from my old job. It was L's birthday celebration. We started out in Revolution (of course :p ) where we had quite a few cocktails. Yummy. And from there we went to 42's where the music was awesome and we danced quite a lot :D A really good night out. I was not allowed to bring my camera out with me ( i always end up breaking it :( ) so I don't have any pictures while we are out. But these pictures were taken just before I went out.

Love ♥ this dress which I bought when I was back home.


The weekend is over

My weekend was quite fun :)
Went out on friday with the girls from my old job and their partners plus some friends of theirs.
I did not dress up, but it did not matter really. Plenty of good costumes out there by others :p
one guy was "Joker" in the nurses uniform. It was brilliant.
Me and Ads started the night with Pizza express (Yummy) and then a big pitcher of Vodka Chambulls
(haha don't ask :p okey if u wanna know it is lots of Absolut vodka,redbull and sparkling wine)
All mixed in a huge pitcher :P
That got us a bit tipsy.
Did not come home too late which was appreciated on saturday morning when i had to get up at 9 am for work.
Saturday was very relaxing. Did nothing :p well we did watch the United game
(4-3 outrageous)
and Ads bought an Iphone ( I am sooo jealous! And I'm showing it haha )
Yesterday was spent in town, shopping! :D I got a few things. I regret not buying a skirt from Topshop.
But will go back and get it ;)
Pictures from friday


Roller disco part 2!

so last wednesday it was time again to go back to pure and roller disco :D
i was so excited. bought a new dress for the occasion haha :)
this time it was me,charlene,ellinor and grace. ells and grace were abit drunk. not a good
combination :p well ells was grace just had problems standing on the skates :/ poor girl!
she fell sooo many times. but we had an awesome time :D cant wait to go back!
here are some pics :p

 hahaha poor ellinor
  she made me laugh so much
 lil wayne's song "lollipop" came on and charlene brings out some for us haha :D

Roller disco in Pure :D

last wednesday me, Charlene and Monica went to a roller disco in town!#
yes u heard me hahaha. havent skated since i was about 12 years old. it was
the best time ever! and we are going back this wednesday! i fell 2 times :o
once was my fault and i dragged mon with me. the 2nd time was when char dragged ME down! so funny. :D im aching all over after it,but it was so worth it! here are some pictures :p 

 me and mon :)   hahaha
 lets see them legs! :P matt a CS friend :D
  <------- those things are life savers!! :p

Rachels leaving do

last wednesday night some of us girls from work went to Revolution.
Rachel is leaving us next week to move to London. she will be truly missed! wish her all the
best over there :)  was fun having her on my department :p
sooo we started with some wine and then steak and then more wine...and more.. and then
2 mojitos! (i loooove em. yes bona ;) ) and then i got totally drunk haha. was a crazy but fun night!

here are some pics :p

image88 looooving the wine :p
 rachel to the right :p  rachel and Charrr
 me & Linda my latvian beauty 
  Nikki and Carly   i had just crawled under the table haha Tara

      not a good idea to have mojitos after all that wine :x
 totally drunk  miss Charlene  


Wow! Liverpool is such an amazing city. I've only heard bad things about Liverpool before
(because of my lovely boyfriend haha.. its a football thing! )nevermind. I now LOVE the city.
its really beautiful. we went there with adams 2 friends from work. Who are dating :)

we stayed at a really nice hotel. next to the Beatles museum :)
We went to loads of bars and pubs in town. it was a great night out. even tho i got very drunk!!
(that always happens anyways :p )
here are some pictures from the night

 Emma & Brian

 there were sooo many disco balls there bona hahaha could'nt help it! :p


yessss a crazy night :) deffo doing it again ;)

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