Waste of time

My weekend was very boring. Haha.
I fell asleep around 10pm on Friday night,slept 9.5 hours and then we went food shopping.
Came back home with hundreds of bags (well almost..) and then I had a "nap".
Woke up 6 hours later!!! What the H*ck??!
We went to Ads' cousins house and got quite drunk (ok I got quite drunk).
Spent another uneventful day yesterday.
Feels like I wasted a whole weekend off SLEEPING.
I guess I needed it. Still feel abit jet lagged.
Nothing interesting to look forward to at the moment.

One thing I got to look forward to is going back to Sweeeden :D
53 days to go ♥
Can't wait to spend some time with the family and go to my old friends wedding :)
It will be great! :D

Still no internet :( Quite depressing.
No fun when you can't download some movies/shows or play some Tf2.
Or update the blog with pictures! Oh well. Fingers crossed that it will be sorted by the end of this week.
Guess I will have to watch boring TV or concentrate on learning some Italian.


Adam is planning on getting a car very soon.
Which is quite exciting :D
He asked me last night where I would like to go when we get it.
It only took me a second and then I was shouting:
"Ikea! So we can get some cheese!" Hahaha. He must think I'm mad.
Who am I kidding? He already knows I am :P
But yes, that will be one of MANY places I will want to go haha.
I think I really have to start on it myself.. The license.
Have to sort out the provisional stuff next week!

Got a few other things I need to sort out too.. But not saying anything about it just yet.
Maybe some time later on.


I was woken up by Ads this morning.
He came into the bedroom and said "Michael Jackson" has died.
I was half asleep and not feeling too great so it took me quite a while to really understand what he had said.
I got up and it was all over the news..
I can't believe it is true.
I have always loved his music. Ever since I was a young girl.
He was a great singer/songwriter. He made so many great songs and I will always remember him with a smile.
I just hope his 3 children will be ok.

R.I.P King of Pop.

Back to reality

Exhausted is what I am today.
The trip back home was horrible.
The delay in Las Vegas made us about 7-8 hours dealyed in the end :(
We came home around 3pm instead of 7.30am.
But that was not the worst part..
One of the suitcases did not arrive with the rest of the luggage..
Last thing I needed.
Got quite stressed out and worried.

Came in to work this morning,was tempted not to go in at all..
But I had to. What good would it have done me to stay home alone?
I am so very tired now though. 2 hours left..
At least I got the weekend off!
Need to recover and get used to the UK time zone..

And we don't have any internet at home now for some reason.
Not the end of the world.
But I do have plenty more pictures I want to upload to Facebook and also finally start blogging about the trip
properly and put some of the pics up.
Oh well. Hopefully we can get it sorted soon.

I don't want to be in England :(
It is just depressing.
I want to be back in US of A where everything is so much more fun...
One day......

Where dreams come true

I can't write much, laptop battery is dying.
I have had the time of my life.
I will tell ALL about it when we finally get home.
We are delayed... And we wont be landing in Manchester till 2.45pm tomorrow..
Which means we will be 7 hours delayed and we have to fly to London Heathrow before
we can fly to Manchester.. Why does this always happen to us?
I'm not sure, but oh well. Hopefully we will be home and safe as soon as possible.

I don't want to leave this wondeful place.
But I guess I have to go back to reality.
We will be back soon. I just know it :)
And one day... We will stay here.. For good.

Quick update

We are in las Vegas now. Been here a few days.
Unfortunately we don't have free internet in this hotel of ours.
But I am still loving it here.
The sun is shining each day.
It was about 38 degrees yesterday and maybe 35 today :p
Bought lots of nice things too!! Aaah.
Been gambling a bit ;)
Won some and lost some.
Going to Grand Canyon on Tuesday!
Can't wait!!
Will update properly later on. Have internet for 24 hours..

Ta ta for now.

Anaheim&LA part 2

4 days in California now and I'm still loving it :)
The weather today was brilliant.
Yesterday we had a quiet day with some shopping (well quite a lot of shopping :P haha)
and we ended the day with watching a real life baseball game :D
It was awesome!
Anaheim Angels stadium is not far from our hotel so we thought we could go see them play.
Plenty of home runs and the crowd was cool too :)
They played San Diego and absolutely crushed them with 9-1.

Today we went on the LA&Hollywood tour which was ok..
I wish we had more time in Hollywood to see more of the Chinese Theatre etc.
Oh well. Next time we come here we will be driving and going everywhere on our own!
We also went to Santa Monica beach which was quite cool :)

Tomorrow it is Six flag/Magic Mountain.. With all the BIG/SCARY rides.
Not sure what to expect, but I think I will be scared! AAaaaah!

Pictures will come up shortly

Bye for now :)


We have been here for a few days now and it has been amazing :)
I really love California :D
It is where dreams come true.
Disneyland is spectacular and Univesal studios was amazing too.
Especially for a movie/TV shows freak like me :p
I have been like a kid these last 2 days.
Running around excited to see all the characters and rides.
Americans have a love for wet and fire rides haha :)
It is awesome!!!
I will write more about the parks in a couple of days.
Just wanted to let you know we are having a lot of fun and enjoying every minute here :)
I wish I could stay forever. I can easily see myself living in America.
The people are so friendly it is insane.

The weather has not been on our side. (well not MINE at least haha)
The sun is hiding behind the clouds, but it is still warm. I guess it makes it more tolerable when we
are at the parks.
Plus I got Las Vegas in a couple of days where I will be sunbathing all day long ;)

That's it for now :P
Pictures and more stories will come in a while.
I'm off for breakfast and shopping!! :D
Not done ANY shopping at all :O


"I can't do this by myself, all these problems are in your head.
And I can't be somebody else
You took something perfect
and painted it red"

Daniel Merriweather - Red
Beautiful song...

24 hours to go

In about 24 hours we will be at Manchester airport.
Waiting to get on the plane (American Airlines).
We got a 8.5 hours flight to Chicago, and then we have a shorter break there. (2 hours)
The flight to LA takes about 4 hours,we will arrive at LAX at about 5.30pm which is 1am in England :D
I can't wait to get out of the airport and not feel cold!

Still haven't packed. Woops.
I always leave it to the last minute.
I know what I'm taking with me.. Not alot! Haha.
Will be shopping while I'm there :D

I am not sure if there is free internet where we are going, but I will try and update my dear blog if I get a chance.
But to be fair I doubt I will want to spend time online while I'm there :X
So much to do and see!

Here is some of the things we will be doing in Anaheim the 1st week :)

Wednesday: We arrive to LA, but we are staying in Anaheim.

Thursday: Disneyland! Haha :p I'm going to be like a kid again running around there.

Friday: Universal Studios! Can't wait to go there and see Wisteria Lane (Desperate house wife is filmed there!) :D

Saturday: The beach!! :D This is my favourite part :X I love the beach. Going to Newport beach, that's where The O.C was filmed. I loved watching it couple of years ago :)

Sunday: Going on a LA/Hollywood tour :) To see all the stars :p

Monday: Magic Mountain (Six flags) a huge theme park with loads of rollercoasters and rides! :O Exciting!!

Tuesday: Probably back to Disney land (2 parks so we need 1 day in each) 

Wednesday: Going to Sin City!!! ♥ Mirage here we come :p

Oh in between all those activities read "shopping,shopping and more shopping!" hahahaha :D

In Vegas I will be sunbathing by the pool and roast ;)

See you all in 2 weeks!  

Adam passed the test

Last Wednesday Adam passed his driving test :)
Here are some pics from that day.
Still very proud of him :)
And can't wait till we get a car so we can finally explore Greater Manchester and beyond!

Friday night

We went out Friday night.
For V's birthday.
Was only 5 of us,but I had so much fun with them :)
They are crazy! :D
Danced all night, just the way I like it!! ♥
Met soooo many Londoners out in town too.
Most of them had come over to see Oasis.
Not sure why, but I do like the London accent.
Kept making fun of them, and they made fun of my Swedish accent haha :p

Here are some of the pictures from the night :)

Let go

David Cook - Let go

Love this song. The lyrics are so good. Enjoy :)


I have finally figured out what I want to do,finally realised what I might be good at.

I have decided to do a writing course :)
I love writing and I have been writing stories since I was a young girl.
They were not major stories, most of them were silly :)
I have had a crazy imagination since I can remember.

I still write on anything I can find around me.
Most of the time it's envelopes haha (at work) or pieces of paper/books etc.
I write thoughts and ideas I might have that pop up in my head :P
But also about how I feel and things that have happened to me before or now.

With some help and advice from a friend of mine (thank you!) I found an online writing course called "start writing fiction".
It is a level 1 course where you get help and advice how to become a better writer.
It sounds really interesting and I am excited about it :)

The course starts in October so I got a couple of months to really think of some stories before it starts.
It is not a long course, only 12 weeks long and I hope I will get real genuine advice from the tutor and other "students".
And if I think that writing is something for me, then I might do the next level course called "creative writing" which is a more in depth course and it costs loads...It does not start till June next year, so I will have time to save up! :D
Who knows, I might end up writing a novel ;)

A really good friend of mine has always encouraged me to write and gave me the idea to go for this writing course.
That person is someone who has always been interested in my stories, thoughts and feelings. Who gave me more confidence in my writing and also made me want to become a better person.
Thank you, for always being there to listen to my problems (sorry!).
For cheering me up when I needed it, but also for making me realise my own potential :)

If I ever write a novel I will dedicate it to you!

Twinkle toes ;)

This blog was at first, a way for me to let my old "friends" in Sweden keep in touch with me. So they could follow my new life in Manchester. But as the time has passed I have realised how much I enjoy writing and it has made me open up more. To my own feelings and thoughts and it makes me happy to know that my blog might make people laugh and maybe even help others who are in the same situation I am in or have been.


Yesterday Ads had his driving test, he was really nervous poor thing.
I really wanted him to get it because he had really tried hard and had
lots of driving classes etc.
So when he called me after the test I was nervous for him, but he said what I expected him to say.
"Get the champagne out" hahaha :D He PASSED! I am so happy for him :)
Now we have to get a car....
The questions are "what type", "how much will it cost us", "what insurance" etc.
Cars are a right headache haha, but they are useful!
We wont have to rely on other people to drive us and we can finally explore northern England :)
I have been here for 2 years and I've still not been to the lake district.. Looking forward to being able to just
drive off and leave Manchester for a bit. Even if it's only for a day.

So after work Ads opened the Champagne (have it on video haha) and we toasted :D
He does not like Champagne... So it ended up with me having almost the whole bottle for myself!
Yummy! It was delicious. Got a picture I will put up later :p

We went to Zizzi's and had pizza. It was nice when we got there and sat facing the canal and the sun was shining.
But it took them forever to take our order, and while we waited for the food the sun had gone so we went inside.
And we were still waiting for the food! Don't like waiting an hour for my food :X
Oh well. At least the food was delicious when it finally arrived :)
I would recommend Zizzi to others, but be aware that you might have to wait a long time.

So all in all it was a wonderful Wednesday :D

My turn to take the drivers license now :X Ooooh the pressure!!!


Just some of the things I've bought the last few weeks.

Love this pink dress :) Can't wait to wear it out one day!

The Zebra one makes me feel like Jane hahaha (Tarzan), but I do love it. It's nice!
The sequined one is from my last trip to Vegas and I've still not worn it :O
Was thinking about wearing it on Friday for a night out. What you think? Yes or no?
And then the bikini ♥ Love it!! :)

The pink and zebra dress are from Topshop. The sequined one is from Forever21 and the bikini is Matthew Williamson for H&M.

5 personality things

Ok less of the shallowness and more about personality.

5 things I look for (or wish for) in a man.

• Honesty (it is the most important thing. What is the point with lying? The truth always comes out)

• Genuine (Don't make yourself look like something you're not. Be yourself,works wonders)

• Humor (Love a man with a good humor,someone who can make me laugh,but who also finds me funny :p )

• Attentive (Gives me lots of attention,I want to know that I'm loved and appreciated)

• Adventurous (Have a crazy side,not afraid of trying new things and not feel ashamed when I goof around)

5 things

I thought I'd list 5 things I like in a man. (Look wise)

• Eyes (Don't mind the colour,but I do like blue eyes)

• Hands (needs to have clean short nails)

• Bum (something to squeeze)

• Body (Toned)

• Feet (I like smooth feet)


It's Wednesday again :D I love this day.
Middle of week, almost weekend and only 1 week till we go to Aaaameeerica :D
Another list today, thought it could be fun with some variety on here.

Mood: Bit tired,but in an ok mood.
Clothes: Grey skirt with zipper,black tights,blue top.

Hairdo: Fringe and a longer bob. (Getting it cut soon! Miss my japanese boy bob ;) haha)

Doing: At work (on my day off)
Wanting: The sun to come back.

Hear: Radio1 (don't like it..)
Will: Keep my fingers crossed at 11.20 am today ♥
Should: Be doing some bookings..

Yesterday: I was in work and the sun was scorching hot.
Today: The sun is gone and I'm only working 3.5 hours...
Tomorrow: Hmmm no plans so far.

Waiting for: next week around this time,when I will be at Manchester airport!
Wishing: That I will get what I want the most.
Wondering: If I can make it.

5 things I Love about me

5 things I love about me:

• My eyes

• My lips

• My smile

• My hands

• My bum

I don't often say good things about myself, but I got reminded today that it is important to be positive about yourself.
You don't always have to hear it from others :)

I got the idea after reading another girls blog.


I don't know what to think about the plane that "vanished" yesterday morning.
An Air France plane flying from Brazil to France.
I can't even imagine how they would have felt knowing something bad was about to happen..

I'm travelling by plane in about one weeks time, and it does make you think.
It could happen to anyone.
I know it does not happen very often,and it does not put me off flying.
I've been flying since I was a baby.
I fly many times a year.
To Sweden,America,Spain, Italy etc.
It is normal for me to fly and I enjoy it.
But when I read the story about the flight it got to me,
it went straight through me.
I just hope the passengers did not suffer..
And that their families will get the answers they need..

I don't care

A song out of the movie "Wanted".
It has a deeper meaning for me, but I don't feel like sharing it.
Not at the moment.

It's by Apocalyptica ft Adam Gontier.


Nothing makes me so happy and energized as sunshine.
It is the best medicine ever :p
Cures anything!
Depression, moodiness, sadness etc.
It makes me happy and anything is possible when the sun shines :D

The weekend was quite relaxing.
I spent Saturday outside in the grass, soaking the sun up.
Was wearing one of my favourite summer dresses,
it is red and makes me feel pretty :X haha
My friend joined me after a bit, but she wanted to sit in the shade!
Outrageous behaviour!
We had dinner at Tampopo. I love the food there.Delicious!
And then we went and watched one of the worst movies made...
It's called "Drag me to hell" and it was supposed to be the scaries movie in decades.
It was NOT...
Was quite funny at times, but only because it was ridiculous!
Got a good laugh.
And then I ended up drinking rose when I got back home. Yummy.

Yesterday we went to Ads' mum, we had a BBQ and I was baking in the sun ;)
I have caught the sun a bit :D
I can't wait till we go to America next week. 9 days left!
I will be in the sun all day long!

Pictures will come up when I'm at home.
I hope you had a lovely weekend.
And I hope you all enjoy the sunshine as long as it lasts

Outside Tampopo

Sitting on the floor at the cinema, waiting for the movie.
No there were no chairs or anything to sit on -_-

Usma after 30 tries, finally a good picture! :p haha

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