We spent quite a few nights watching movies while we were in Sweden.

We watched 2012 which I thought was like any other disaster movie.
It was "ok". Nothing amazing.
I thought it was far too long though.
Not sure if I'd recommend this movie to people, but I'm sure most people have seen it already.

And then we watched Planet 51.
I did not know much about it before Ads suggested we watch it.
It's a cartoon about a distant planet and a human arrives and the "people"
on that planet think he is an Alien. Was not as funny as I like cartoons to be.
But was ok.
I recommend this movie if you have nothing else to watch and you 1.5 hours to kill.

The invention of lying was something I'd not heard of at all.
But Adam wanted to watch it.
Ricky Gervais is in it.
Also Jennifer Garner and Jonah Hill.
It started out really good. Was quite hillarious.
I do recommend this movie. It's different and you laugh a bit :)

And then we watched the good old Classics you just have to watch when it's Christmas time :P

Home Alone 1 & 2. God I love Kevin!! He makes me laugh every time.

This part makes me laugh so much.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner.

Oh! Adam told me about The Muppets Christmas Carol, so we watched that too.
I prefer the proper Scrooge movie :P The old one. But it was funny :)

Did you watch any good movies over Christmas?

Anything I should watch? I need some suggestions.

Shakti Mat

This is a Shakti Mat.

I'd call it "kill me now" mat haha.
My mum got me this. I tried it out quite a few times back home.
And I will continue doing it every other night when I'm here.

You are supposed to lay on it for 20-40 mins... But I've only managed 15 mins so far.
Will try and go on it longer tonight.

What is it? 
The Shakti mat is an acupressure mat for back problems, sciatica, tension, stress, stiffness, insomnia and fatigue.

It really hurts when you lay on it the first time. But as soon as you start relaxing and breathing 
the right way it feels a bit easier. Worst part for me is getting off it.
Feels like my whole back gets ripped off haha
Because those thingies are very sharp.

But it does make my poor back feel bit better :) 
And I feel much more relaxed. 

Ads tried it once, but he kept saying "How long is it left" haha.
He did not like it at all.

Would you try it?


2009 list

Time for a little list. Found it on a blog I read.

Another year has passed.
Not sure what I think of 2009.

1. Did you do something you've never done before?
I went to LA & Anaheim. I saw Hollywood Boulevard and so many other places that I've only dreamt about.

2. Did you keep any of your New Years resolutions?
I don't ever have any. I don't see the point.

3. Did any of your friends have babies this year?
Not one. Hmmm. Few are having them next year though!

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Thankfully no.

5. What countries did you visit?
US of A and Sweeeden. (Not as many as last year)

6. Is there something you've missed in 2009 that you want 2010?
I want to feel like I've achieved something for me. Want to be happy with what I do.

7. What date from 2009 will you always remember?
Hmmm, my friends wedding day :) (August) and some other dates aswell.

8. What was your biggest achievement for 2009?
That I listened to myself for once. I let myself think of me and just me for once.
Realised I can't always be there for everyone. Learnt to say no.

9. Biggest mistake?
Hahaha. I always make mistakes.. Too many to mention :X

10. Have you been ill or hurt yourself?
Was diagnosed with depression.. But slowly getting out of it.

11. Best buy?
My Iphone!

12. What did you spend most money on?
Trips and clothes..

13. Did anything make you really happy?
My loveli bf and friends (Spanks, Usma, Daidai)
And my old childhood friends Dani & Jeja.

14. What songs will always remind you of 2009?
Only one song needs to be mentioned..
I gotta feeling! by Black eyed peas :D ♥

15. Were you happier or sadder 2009 compared to other years?
Not as sad as last year.. But I've had my moments of sadness.

16. What do you wish you'd done more?
Looked for a new job. Written more interesting blog posts.

17. What do you wish you'd done less?
Let certain people use me and hurt me.

18. How did you celebrate Christmas?
Christmas Eve was spent at my dads. We had an amazing time.
And Christmas Day we were at my mums and went to see my gran and cousins.

19. Did you fall in love this year?
I was already in love.

20. Favourite TV show?
I got too many to mention. Gossip Girl has been awesome this year.
But a new TV show I started watching was 90210 the remake. It's ok.

21. The best book you read this year?
Tricky! I loved the House of Night series about a vampire teenager.
Authors PC Cast and Kristin Cast. ♥

22. Biggest musical discovery?

Lady Gaga!! I did not use to like her :O but a dear friend (Yagami/Chris) told me to listen
to Bad Romance and I was stuck. :D

23. Something you wished for your birthday and got?
I got loads of lovely things.
I only wished for some new charms for my Thomas Sabo bracelet
and a few books, and I got them.

24. Something you wished for but did not get?
We were supposed to go roller disco that night, but I got a stupid cold so we couldn't.
Other than that. No.

25. What did you do on your Birthday 2009?
I was home because I was off work.. And I had a really bad cold!
But we went to an amazing Indian restaurant and had a lovely dinner and then we
watched football hehe. I watched Twilight and just spent the day on my new sofa.
(It was new back then :P )

26. Is there anything that could have made your year even better?
Yes, but I don't want to mention it on here.
And I could have done without the D.......

27. How would you describe your style in 2009?
I have always liked quirky clothes. This year I've worn alot of funky dresses and body con ones.
I never used to like wearing dresses, but that has changed now!

28. What made you feel good?
The trip to LA, Anaheim and back to my beloved Las Vegas.
And of course spending Christmas back home. ♥

29. Who did you miss?
I missed my family alot at a point.
But I also missed someone special to me.

30. The best new people you've met?
I've not many new people IRL. But the best online people I've met
are Daidai, Green Wabbitz and his sister, Phil aka Wootang, Eggi,
Yagami, Slippery Lizzard and others.

I hope you have all had a wonderful 2009. I wish you all the best in the New Year.
I hope all your dreams will come true and you will all be blessed with happiness
and wellbeing!

I hope I'll still be blogging and that you will still keep reading my little blog.

Thank you for all the positive comments I've gotten from all of you and thank you for
helping me out when I've not had a clue what to write about :)

Feel free to reply with your 2009 list! :D


I have had some bad nightmares lately.
Yesterday I woke up almost screaming out loud because the dream I had
felt so real. I have always had bad dreams. As long as I can remember..

Especially back home in my old room.. The dreams get so vivid and feel so real..
I got less than 6 hours sleep yesterday. And we had to be at the airport for 9am.
We get delayed on our way from Stockholm. And then we were hovering above Liverpool
for about 40 mins till they told us we could not land because of fog!!
Bloody fog.. We had to land at East Midlands. That's in Nottingham.

Waited for a coach for almost 2 hours. It drove us to Liverpool airport and
Ads' uncle picked us up. We came home 6 hours later than we should have.

Why does it always happen to us? Is it a sign that we should stop travelling???!
Well that wont happen. I love travelling! I just wish we werent so jinxed.

Oh well. Back in work now.. Back in Manchester.

I miss my family already. I don't know when we will be going back next.
Alot of things need to be sorted in 2010.. We shall see..

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are getting ready for the New Year :)

Christmas Eve

In Sweden they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve :)
It´s always been that way. No idea why.
We usually spend Christmas Eve at my dads and his wife.
She is catholic so Christmas is huge for her.
My family does not really celebrate Christmas.
They used to do it for me and my brother when we were children so we
did not feel left out with the other kids we knew.

But I love spending time with my family over Christmas.
Eating delicious food and just being together. Especially since I moved to England.
This is the first Christmas back since 2006. And Adams first Swedish Christmas too.
It´s his first Christmas away from his family, so we tried to make him feel at home as much
as we could. And I think he had a good time :) He loved the food!
Here are some pics from Christmas Eve at my dads.

Wearing my new dress for the special occasion :P

My new cardigan/bolero that I bought the other day. I love it! It´s so Lady Gaga!! :D

Lil sister and Ads

Lil bro and lil sis and Tasa! ♥ She is wearing my hat from Las Vegas that I got last year :P


She kept asking "What time is it? Is it time yet?". To open the presents :P
We have a tradition where we watch a program that starts at 3pm and then we can
open the presents :P She was so eager. Bless her.

Some yummy "Meze" to have before the feast :P

I brought that with me all the way from England. She loved it!

Santa Claus? :p

Auntie, bro,sister and me

Me and my dad,sister and brother ♥

The only English thing we had at the Christmas table was the crackers :P
They were not sure what to do with them, but then we showed them and they liked them :D haha

 Cutie pie

The "Swedish" Christmas table. Delicious! I was so stuffed afterwards :P

My sister could not wait to look at all the toys she got :P
Neither could I haha. I´m such a big child!

I wanted this Groovy looking Bratz doll :D

Gaming addiction runs in the family :P haha

We spent Christmas day at my mums with another lovely Christmas feast :D
My family are all in the restaurant business, so they are awesome cooks!
Not me... Hahaha.

And we also went to see my auntie and Gran for a bit. Will post more pictures tomorrow.
Have to show all my lovely pressies I got :D

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you got all you wished for,
but most of all that you spent it with people you love.
May you all be happy and fat :P And I look forward to a new year with you :)
Hopefully 2010 will be a better year for me.

Lots of love,

Karolina/Ciri ♥

Loveli day

We went to a mall called Skärholmen today. It´s my local mall over here.
It´s not huge, but it has quite a few shops I like there.
Found plenty of nice things there :D
Had to find my auntie a Christmas present, I found one straight away :D
Looking forward to Christmas Eve now. That´s the main day we celebrate
over here :P But I´ve decided to wait and open mine and Adams presents on
Christmas Day... (Boooo haha)


We had some lovely cake called Prinsesstårta. And some latte.
The cake is really a birthday cake here in Sweden. It is d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s :D

That hat is perfect for a bad hair day :P

Altho it makes my already big head look HUGE! haha
Alien?? :O

We also went to Systembolaget... Which is the only shop that sells alcohol.
It´s owned by the government and the prices are just ridiculous.
You would not believe it..

But we went and got some beer for Ads and I bought some bottles of my favourite Swedish Cider :D
They have a Christmas edition. And when you turn the bottle upside down it has glitter in it :P
I´m such a girl!! Easily amused like that haha. Hope it tastes as nice as it looks..

Bought the Malibu & Bacardi at the airport. Cheap as ****.
One of those bottles is about £20 in Systembolaget! For ONE!! If not more..

We are having a cocktail night on Christmas Day :P Making our own Mojitos.
Got all the ingredients for it. Yummy!

My new lovelies

I´ve found some pretty things whilst I´ve been here :D
I love shopping in Sweden. Why? Because when I go back to Manchester,
no one will have what I got :D Woop!

The dress I blogged about few weeks back. It´s from Gina Tricot.
Not sure about the long sleeves, but I can pull them up abit.
And it needs a nice belt to give it abit of shape to it :)
Not the greatest picture, but u´ll see it on one day soon I´m sure of it :P

 Front  Back

Bought this at Monki. Love that shop. It was on sale! So it was a bargain and a half ;)
Love the body con style of it. Suits my body type perfectly! Think I´ll wear it on Christmas Day :D

This lil top was on Sale in H&M. It´s not that blue when you see it.
My camera made it ultra blue for some reason.
Love the lil bows on the pockets.

Also found this uber cool bolero/cardigan at the H&M Sale.
It´s so Lady Gaga :D Love it! It looks awesome on.
Will wear it one of these days ;)

Can´t wait to see what´s going to be in the Sale after Christmas.
I´m hoping to find a nice pair of boots before I go back.
Found some really nice blue suede ones earlier today.
(Yes it made me think of Elvis just then haha)

We shall see if I find anything else :D

Family & Christmas market

Spent the day yesterday at my dads. It was nice to catch up.
And to see my lil sister. She is such a cute rascal!
She grows so fast now... Wish she would stop growing!
Want her to be a kid forever! :P
I know, I´m selfish.

We watched some skiing and some football. As I used to do with my dad when I was younger.
It´s a tradition :P


Ads is teasing Tasa. Bless her.

Awwww. He is so mean!

She hears someone at the door.

There is snow everywhere!!

We went to old town today. It´s beautiful there all year long.
It´s got beautiful old houses and so much history there.
If you ever get a chance to come to Stockholm this is a place you have to see :)
Walked around the shops and the Christmas market a bit. I got myself a yummy
glögg or mulled wine as you call it in England ;) And some gingerbread cookies!

In old town. I love it there. So nice.

That´s the Nobel museum in the back.

Glögg/mulled wine with gingerbread cookies is a must over here ;) ♥

After the old town we walked into the city centre and did some shopping :D
My favourite part of going abroad hahaha ;)
I bought 2 loveli dresses! Will post pics tomorrow.
I got the black one with sequins that I blogged about few weeks ago. So happy!
Can´t wait for the sale! Hoping I will find some nice things :)

Had some lunch in town. Ads had an Iskender kebab. He loves it :P
And I had some chicken in pita with looooads of garlic sauce. Mhmmmmmm.
Yummy! I´m not ashamed of liking garlic lol.
It stinks,but it is sooo delicious! And healthy ;)

Bought this pretty little tree too :D It´s adorable!

Home sweet home

It feels so good to be home!
I´ve had a nice day with my mum and Ads.
We went to a mall close by today. Supposed to buy some winter boots for Ads,
but came home with loads of goodies :P Yummy food, snacks and drinks too ;)

This was last night outside my mums flat. It was -16 degrees :O Freeezing!
Not as cold today :P

My mum cooks delicious food for us and we´ve even baked today!
She made the dough and I shaped the buns :P They might not look too great..
But they were delicious!


After :P yummy

Me and Ads wanted to build a snowman earlier. OK ok.. I wanted it :X
But the snow was too powdery. You could barely make a proper snowball :/
So decided to make a snow angel instead :)
We also had a lil snowball fight haha

Getting ready for the snow :P
Took one of my mums hats for the occasion. Mine would have let snow in!

Getting all serious with the snow angel making :P hahaha

Help me up!

Woops, maybe not the best idea :X

Can you see it? I think it´s really pretty :D

Ads getting ready to throw a snowball at me...

I´m messing about with the snow.

Got it in my face!!

Greetings from Sweeeeden :D

And then I slipped. Whoops!

Love the multi screen on my camera haha.
He surrenders! Well so I thought...

My poor Uggs :X

Winter wonderland

That´s where we are!!!
I´m home now! In Stockholm. At my mums :D
Snow everywhere! I will take a picture shortly and post it on here.
Will write more later or tomorrow. Bit tired now.

Hope you are all well :)

In a Christmas mood!

It's finally hitting me! I'm going hoooooome for Christmas!!
3 whole years since I last spent Christmas at home!
Too long if you ask me :P
Can't wait to build a snowman! Will take pics for you ;)

Christmas started early for us! Adams mum,dad,sister,brother and gf got us some lovely
christmas presents :D I will show it to you another day.
Got a beautiful Thomas Sabo bracelet ♥
Chocolates, mulled wine! and other things too. I'm having a mulled wine as I'm writing this ;)
Almost done all my packing too. Just some essentials that need to be packed in the morning.
Listening to Christmas songs too!
Mariah Carey is on at full blast :P All I want for Christmas is youuuuuu baaaaabeeeeh ;)

But one song that sticks to my head all day long is this one...
Never heard of it till I moved over here.
It just makes me all smiley and giddy.

Motel Rocks

I found this dress on the Motel website earlier today.
It's on the Sale :D I think I'm going to order it tomorrow morning before
we go back to Sweden :O
Adam is not impressed haha. He gave me the 2 fingers when I told him haha.
I'm supposed to be saving money. Especially because I'll be shopping back home too :X
But it's so pretty! I would wear it with my new funky tights and high heels. HAWT! 

Hyperness and snowstorms

Spoke to my mum last night. She said I'm a witch :O
I asked her why? And she said that I've been talking about how I want there
to be snow so we can go snowboarding when we are back home.
And now there is loads of snow! :D She even said there is a snowstorm.
So she might not be able to pick us up from the airport. We shall see.
Worst case scenario is that we might have to take the bus. No worries though!

I'm going hoooooome tomorrow :D :D
I was so hyper on the way to work. Was jumping up and down in the car.
Whilst Ads was looking at me like I was a right fool :P
I asked him if it was too early to be this hyper. He said: Yes.
So I did it even more hahaha

Can't wait to go back home. To leave this place for a bit.
To get away from all the negativity in work and the two faced people there.
To be amongst people I love and just have loads of fun.

I will be updating the blog much more from there and take lots of pics!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas ♥

D for different and other stuff

I am not feeling well lately..
That's one of the reasons why I've not been blogging much lately. 
We are going home to Sweden on Friday and I'm hoping that will make things easier for me.
And hopefully I will be blogging more again.

I hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas and the New Year :)

..I will be back soon..

Make your own card

Last week it was Adams birthday.
I did not get him much because he had already gotten his birthday presents..
But he did tell me to make him a card. Me making a card? What a disaster.
I'm not good at things like that. At all. So I was abit scared haha.
It is one of the most ugliest cards I've ever seen :P but it was made out of love.
Thought that counts right?


So here is the card I made him and a small picture collage I made in Boots.
I thought it was such a great idea. And the quality is good too :)
I chose my favourite pictures of us :)
And I also got him a Where's Wally mini book haha.
I'd never heard of Wally before I moved here and he told me he had these in
school as a kid, where other kids had marked with pen where Wally was.
So I thought I'd get him his own :P
And of course I got him a Spongebob Pez! I don't like Spongebob.
He freaks me out haha. And when he came back from Florida 2 years ago he brought me a
huge Spongebob teddy.. I was like "Why?" :P So I thought I'd get him one.

He also likes Belgian chocolates so I got him some :P

We went to an Indian restaurant and had a delicious meal there.
Their Naans are enormous. Look at the picture!

If you're ever in Manchester and fancy a good curry you should go to East Z East.
It gets 5 ♥ out of 5. Every time.

HUGE Naan!

After that we went home and had a few drinks together whilst watching "Law abiding citizen".
I thought it was a really good movie. I recommend it :)

Buy me a Christmas present

Been buying people Christmas presents for a couple of weeks now.
I really don't like doing it like I've mentioned before.
Because I can never decide on what to get!

Done most of my shopping online, it's so easy and you don't have to struggle against
all the crazy people in town :P

But the problem is that I've ended up buying myself loads of things too haha.
I don't really shop alot, but this time I've found some nice things and for once I've treated myself :P

Some of the things I got are:


Saw these on a girl last week and I wanted them!
Found them on the Asos website.

These will look good with all my loveli dresses :P

Got this one for free :P It's pretty cute. Might give it to my mum haha

I also bought some make up and a lovely lil' skirt I can't wait to wear out one night :D

Quiet night in

Last Saturday I was supposed to have a quiet night in whilst Ads was out with work.
They had a Christmas dinner. I was at home, chilling and watching shows.
Enjoying a drink or two. 

He calls me around 9.40 pm and tells me to get dressed.
I was like "what? where? when?" He told me to get ready in 10 mins.
We were going to his relatives birthday party.
I had 10 mins to get dressed and put some make up on.
My hair was a right mess so I just put it up and smacked on some mascara and eye liner.
Was not in a mood to go out, but when I got there and had a drink I felt much better.
And I even danced the Macarena :P Adam has got it recorded.
I wanted to post it on here, but not sure haha. I look completely ridiculous :P


I love that dress and those shoes are the most comfy high heeled shoes I owe :)

 Adam and his sister
 Shaking it :P

Christmas wishes

I wrote this post yesterday, but did not publish it..

Just sitting here in the offce and doing some work (cough yeah cough).
The radio is playing Christmas songs.
I remember when I worked in House of Fraser 2 years ago.
All they did was playing the same cd day in and day out.
Same Christmas song with 3-4 different covers!
It made me hate Christmas songs for quite a while, but I'm slowly starting to appreciate them again :)
Spent Sunday playing them loudly and singing along!
Love Mariah Careys "All I want for Christmas".

I spent my first Christmas in England all by myself..
Ok I'm lying, I spent Christmas Eve with a girl I worked with back then.
She is from Latvia and she made dinner and we sat and drank some lovely wine and Swedish
chocolates that I had brought with me. Was nice :)
And Christmas dinner was spent at Adams aunties place.
Was funny to see how they celebrate Christmas :)

Adam went to Florida that Christmas. I chose not to go because I had just started a new job,
and they did not let me have holidays in December. I regretted it alot afterwards.
But it wont happen again! Last year me and Adam spent the week before Christmas in lovely,
beautiful Las Vegas. Our 2nd home :p haha.

It started abit of a disaster (late flights/snow in Vegas for the first time in 40 years so we lost 1.5 days in Vegas).
But in the end we had the best time ever. It is the best Christmas I've ever had.
I wish we could go back this year :P But we are going home to Sweden! Something I am looking forward to :)
Alot. Not celebrated Christmas at home since 2006. Can't believe it's been that long.
It's almost 3 years since me and Adam started talking to each other :P

We didn't meet up until 6th of February 2007, but we fell for each other around the 29th of December :X
Awwww. Haha.

I loved that jacuzzi we had in our room :P I had 2 baths a day haha. Was so nice and comfy! 
We stayed in Em Gee Em ;) 
We had the best time ever, no matter how difficult it was to get there.. 
I would do it all again if it meant I cud spend Christmas there again :X

Do you have any favourite Christmas memory?

Oh My Dress

Someone has to stop me!
I've been spending far too much on Christmas presents.
Not only on others, but myself too!
Even though I said no Christmas presents to myself or Adam :P
I've already gotten two presents from Ads.
4 Disney Blu-rays and my lovely new camera.
And I get to spend £100 in my favourite shop when we get to Sweden.
Gina Tricot :D

I want these pieces.

I really like this dress. Not sure why, because it's not really my usual crazy style,
but I do like the shoulder details. Will see if they got it when I'm there and if it suits me.

This one is a favourite. It's got the sequin shoulders that I like.

I like wearing cardigans to work. This dark blue one would look good with lots of different things.
Don't have this style of cardigan in the wardrobe.

I really want this jacket! But it's abit too expensive..
Especially if I want everything else too.
But I will try it on and if it fits perfectly then I probably will get it :P

Going red

I have an appointment tomorrow at 9am to have my hair dyed red.
I've not decided on what colour to have. I have an idea though.
If I could choose what I really want, then I'd go for a very bright and vibrant red like this.

The singer from Paramore. Love her red colour.
But I don't think they would let me have it like that in the place I work.
It's supposed to be all "prim and proper".

So I will probably go for something like this instead.

 or  that.

We shall see tomorrow :)
I will post a picture when it's all done.

Keep your fingers crossed for me so I don't end up orange haha :X



This is exactly how I feel at the moment, if not worse.
Hate this time of the month. So I wont really be blogging much.
It would all end up being very bitchy and cranky! Haha

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Birthday boy

It's Adams birthday today :D
Happy birthday to you!
He is 28 now. Like me!


He did not let me buy him anything, like I mentioned in another blog post.
Because he has already gotten loads. Things he really wanted and I could not say no :P
But I did make him a card :D (it looks horrible haha) and I got him 3 smaller gifts.
Will post pictures later when I get home :)

We are going for dinner tonight at East Z East, thats where we went for my Birthday dinner.
The food is delicious! :D Can't wait.
And then we are going to watch "Law Abiding Citizen" with Gerard Butler.
It looks really good. I will write a review later on.

I was not in a mood to blog last night, so I did not mention that I got my camera yesterday!
It is absolutely amazing! I love her. Yes it's a she haha.
Not had much time to play around with it, but will as soon as I get some free time.


Is one of my favourite shops in Sweden. I wish we had one here :)
I always find things I want in there. They got some nice and "quirky" things.
I like quirky :D

Went on their website today and saw a few things I might buy when I'm back home.

This hanger is so good because you just hang it onto a door. Easy peasy!
And it's quite funny :P I know I'm easily amused...

I've seen this guitar bathroom mat a few times. And I always think "thats cool!".
Not sure it would suit my bathroom though.

Cute! I want this one :)

I love candles and candle holders.
I have quite a few already, but this one would fit in perfectly in the livingroom :)

Think I'm going to get the Owl candle holder and maybe the clothes hanger :P

Hear me

This is one of my favourites.
I can relate to this one alot..
Sometimes you tell someone how you feel and they just wont listen.
You can either try and make them "hear" you or you can give up.
Depends if that person even wants to listen..

But it's a cute picture too :)

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