New Moon

So I finally got to see the movie yesterday. We went out in the cold and wet wet rain to
get to the cinema. We were both cold and soaked after a walk through the Christmas market.
We didn't spend much time there because it was too wet and cold.

Adam in his bright/blingy Christian Audigier jacket that I love!
I could easily pull it off :P No? Haha

Rain,rain and more rain! Hate it!

New Moon was my favourite book of the 4 that have been written so far.
I love the story line and the way she expresses Bellas pain after Edward leaves her all alone.
And Jacob is there for her. Loving her, waiting for her... And then she goes back to Edward!
Grrr, but that's another story haha :P I didn't expect much from this movie.
I didn't really like Twilight too much. This one was abit better. 
I don't like Robert Pattison. I just don't get it.. He is not attractive at all.
Not if you compare him to Taylor Lautner, the guy that plays Jacob in the movie.
(Wow is all I have to say haha). But I don't think Robert P is the way I imagined Edward.

The acting isn't the best, but I will give New Moon 3 ♥'s out of 5.
Adam did not like it at all :/ Oh well. Don't think I'll watch the 3rd movie at the cinema next year.
We shall see :)

Have decided to start re-reading the Twilight books. I do love the story so much.

Socks and stuff

My weekend was quite relaxing.
Friday night was spent with a lovely, chilled rose and some gaming with friends.
I had been bugging Ads about a takeaway all Friday and he insisted we wouldn't have it.
Then he picks me up at 7pm and he says: "So what do you want, Pizza,Curry or Mc Donalds?"
I say: "Pizza please" haha :P I usually get what I want. Hope he doesn't read my blog ;)

Saturday I went to a place called Manchester fort to find my Dads wife a Christmas present.
Could not find anything :/ But I did get myself some uber cool Betsey Johnson socks! :D
I love them :P So crazy, a bit like me ;)

Nice little box :P I almost wrote To:Me From: Me :P


And then I decided to go to town... But as soon as I arrived there and realised
I could barely walk because it was so busy I decided to go back home.
And do the shopping tomorrow morning when it's my day off.
I get all panicky when it's too crowded. Can't stand it!
But before I went home I went to Greggs and got some snacks for me,Ads and his nephew.
I'd never had their pastys before. Mine was quite nice :X
I should probably try different things more often..
And I went to Starbucks and got myself a gingebread latte. Getting addicted to them!
Oh and I bought myself a bottle of Malibu. It's yummy mixed with Coke Zero.


Spent the night gaming and having a laugh with friends :)
Not going to say what time I went to bed.
Was early Sunday :P

Sunday morning I was still in bed when Adam tells me he will go do the food shopping.
I was sooo happy, hate doing the food shopping, especially on a Sunday.
I asked him to get me some Krispy Kreme's :D Delicious.
And we went to watch New Moon later on.
Will write a post about it in a bit.

I hope you all had a great weekend.

(Took me two attempts to post this.. Bloody internet)


Some men are funny (Read Ads)
I got a few more Christmas gifts to buy. And I went to get some on Saturday,
but it was chaotic in town so I decided to go tomorrow (day off). And he told me not to spend much.
Like I would? :P haha

But it's also his birthday on Thursday. What have I gotten him? Nothing!
Absolutely nothing. Some may read this and think I'm a rubbish girlfriend.
But it is not my fault. Adam is very fussy when it comes to buying him things.
He prefers to get himself stuff, but that means I can't surprise him with some nice gifts,
the way he does for me. He has bought himself a watch, new iPhone (because he lost the other one..)
and the Arctic Monkeys concert last week.

This morning I get a text from him saying: "I think I have to tell IT (at work) to block
I'm thinking oh no. What has he done now.
He tells me not to get him anything at all for his birthday because he went and bought a Blu-Ray Player..
Haha. We do need one and I can finally start buying some DVD box-sets.

But I also said "You know I will retaliate now?"
He just said: "Yeah I know, I was scared of that".
Me: *Evil laugh*

Thought that counts?

Awwww. I didn't post a Pon & Zi picture on Saturday or yesterday. Shame on me!

This one makes me chuckle. It's something I'd probably do.
Buy someone something like a krispy kreme donut or something else and
just have it myself :X That's quite greedy right? :P Haha

Facts of the day

◊ When there is a door and it says "Pull" I always read "Pull", but I always end up
pushing it instead. Same with "Push", I just end up pulling it. Very strange.

◊ Love it when a group of teenagers laugh and point at my hat saying "Look at that hat".
Hahaha. Quite funny. Especially because they seem to think I can't hear them :p

◊ I really hate the time before Christmas.. People call me grinch, but I really dont't enjoy
the crazy, busy shopping and Christmas songs a month before!
And I really don't like buying stuff for other people. Never know what to get them.

◊ I have realised that I should have been born in the 50's haha. Love the music
from that time and their style! Would have been cool :D

◊ I am very addicted to silly games. Especially on Facebook. And of course my normal
games. But the Facebook mini games are very addictive! I wish I could just delete them haha.
Might do it... Should I? Could I?? :X


I love this song. I think I was born in the wrong era :P
Would have loved to have been born when this song came out :P
It's such a feel good song. And it's making me sing and dance around :D
Enjoy it! You know you love it ;)

Pick me a flower, any will do


Todays Pon & Zi picture makes me giggle :D
Pon does anything for Zi. Bless. And Zi just looks akward :/
Wonder what Zi is thinking. I'd be happy if I got one rose once in a while!
Be greatful that Pon would walk on a cactus for you!! Haha.

Something personal

Not many people know that I was born a muslim.
I didn't know myself till after the war broke out in former Yugoslavia.
Some people may think that's weird.

My parents are born in Bosnia and they are Bosnian muslims.
But when they came to Sweden they kinda adapted to the Swedish way of living.
I've always eaten ham and muslims aren't supposed to eat pork, but I don't really
see why not. Some muslims drink and do worse things than eat ham.
Each to their own I'd say.

But what made me stop calling myself muslim were other muslims around me.
I used to have loads of turkish/kurdish friends who classed themselves as "real muslims"
and they said I was not a real muslim. I was young and confused and never really understood.

Some people pray 5 times a day some don't pray at all.
I have my reasons why I don't pray anymore. (I used to pray to "God" every night),
but bad things happened to me in the past and I lost faith.
I don't judge other people like people judged me.

Some of my family members are still "muslims"
and they celebrate Eid or Bajram like we call it in Bosnia.
And to them I want to say "Eid Mubarak" and may all your loved ones be well and happy.

Catch me

Todays Pon & Zi

This picture is so sad. Feel sorry for Pon. I can relate to this picture.
Sometimes all I've ever wanted was to have someone to love me and someone to love.
Felt extremely lonely and sometimes I almost lost hope that it would happen again.
I hope he catches Zi one day :p

Have you ever

Stolen anything: Yes, candy when I was younger :X


Been drunk before noon: Maybe once


Had sex in a public place: Yes, not saying where!


Got caught telling a lie: Few times


Got a speeding ticket: I don’t drive


Been arrested: No, but I think it was close once


Littered: Don’t like to litter, usually wait till I find a bin


Fantasized about a co-worker: Hahaha nooo way. Never worked with anyone good looking.


Cheated on a test: Yeah once.


Failed a class: Yes, maths. Hate it!!!


Eaten food off the floor: Ewww, no!!


Stuck gum under a desk: Probably when younger.


Wished you were someone else: Not really


Cried during a movie: Loads of times. I’m a sucker for sad/love stories


Had a one night stand: Yeah


Had to pull over on the side of the road to puke: Haha, yeah I’ve made people pull over..


Had your heart broken: Several times


Had a good feeling about something: I have that a lot :D


Had a near death experience: Every time I cross the street haha. :X


Swam in freezing water: No


Jumped off a house: Errr no


Been attacked?: Yes. Few times..


Bungee jumped: No way. Too scary.


Pulled an all nighter: Hell yeah :D


Surfed: No, but would like to try one day


Lied about your age: All the time when I was 15 haha


Broken a bone: Leg when I was about 2 years old and my left wrist 2004, day before X-mas haha

Todays Pon & Zi

Awww. This one is adorable. And it makes me all warm inside.

Sometimes a picture is all we have to be reminded of the ones we love.
But a picture is not the real deal and sometimes all we have is a memory to keep us close.

Decision time

People that know me, know that I'm very indecisive..
So much that it can make me so confused at times, and frustrated.

The time has come to choose a new Digital camera.
And I like one, and Ads likes another. He usually knows more about these things.
I go for how it looks haha. Remember my pink one? (R.I.P)
Well this time I'm going for a silly feature. What is it?
The Samsung ST500. It has a screen on the front of the camera,
which makes it so much easier to take pictures of yourself hahaha.
I know. Ridiculous right? :X


Adam wants me to get the Sony W290. Why? No idea haha.
But he has read loads of reviews and they are all very positive to this camera.

What to do.... :X I just want a camera again. I hate the iPhone camera.
And I love taking pictures. All the time..


Just bought the Samsung ST500 online!! It was a great deal!
It will be delivered next Wednesday :D Can't wait!!
Sooooo happy!


◊ Playing a game where you kill zombies and other freaks of nature makes me think about
zombies when I go to sleep. And when I close my eyes I see them! Aaaaah!
Yeah, might be a good idea to play it a bit less? Haha

◊ The weather Gods clearly don't like my singing.
Was singing "I gotta feeling" (Black Eyed Peas) on the way to work this morning and it started raining.
So I started singing "I'm singing in the rain" instead.
What happened? It got worse... Hmmm, is that a sign I should stop singing? Naaaah! ;)

◊ Doing the dishes when you've just woken up is best done whilst listening to Daniel
Merriweather or Kelly Clarkson. Sing as loud as you can. (Poor neighbours)

◊ Some people are over rated. (Read people you think are your friends, but they're not).
I give my friends 120% of my time and my love, but there are some people who take that for granted.
And they don't give even half back. I'm cutting those people off.

◊ My new funny hat makes me smile at myself whilst walking down the road.
I bet people are having a right laugh when they see me.
Oh well, if I make just 1 person laugh at me it will be a good deed by me. Right? :D

◊ I need a new job as soon as possible. I need it to keep me sane. It makes me far too depressed.


Good night


Another Pon & Zi picture. I love this one. It's so sad, but I can relate to it.
The text speaks for itself.

I'm sure we have all felt this way. Saying good night or good bye to someone we love
and will miss alot when we're not with them.

Monday grey Monday

Went to sleep quite late last night. Why? I was killing zombies far too late.
But it was fun :P And I did get to have a lie in this morning.
When I went to sleep last night I could hear the rain falling heavily outside.
It was quite soothing and I fell asleep in an instant.
Wasn't as nice when I woke up though and saw it was still raining :P

My weekend was pretty cool :)
Went to the X-mas market on Friday after work and it was very busy.
I had some mulled wine (yummy) and a Chorizo roll :D
Saw lots of nice things that I want.
(If you read this Ads,no I wont get it..Not all of it at least haha)


Went and bought some nice tights in Topshop :D
I've wanted a pair like that for a long time now.
They fit me perfectly! Wore them with my purple dress on Saturday.
Love them!

We went to watch Arctic Monkeys at the MEN Arena here in Manchester :D
I've not been before, but it was Ads' 3rd time. They were really awesome live!
Wish I had a digi cam because the pics on my iPhone were horrible :/
Great night though. I tried Malibu for the first time. So nice! Think it will be a new favourite ;)


Sunday was spent in bed most day and on the sofa. We watched Gamer with Gerard Butler in it.
Which was pretty cool. Different! Hehe.

Oh yeah Saw 6 on Thursday was pretty awesome too! Me and Us went to watch it.
I didn't think it was as gruesome as some of the others, but I still liked it :D
Was funny on the way back home when I kept scaring her (well tried at least haha).
And impersonated some people *wink* at work. Hillarious.

Oh and I had a (read two) Krispy Kreme Donut!! The X-mas one :D D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!

I love these unhealthy things!

Random pix

My lovely new hat (that I've still not worn, but will do soon!)

Got these in Hooters when we were there this summer.
Quite witty :D

Pon and Zi

Just got reminded about these two again.
I love these pictures. They make me so happy :D (and sad sometimes)
The artist that drew these is a legend (if you ask me).
So I've decided to post a picture a day.
I've posted a few before on the blog. So I will start with one I have not used before.


It's so adorable it's untrue. Love is not shallow.
You love someone for who they are,not for what they look like ♥

*Pics are from*


My favourites:

Favourite colour: Pink on things, purple on clothes

Favourite car:
Mini cooper

Favourite movie:

Favourite hobby:

Favourite song/singer:
Dino Merlin (Bosnian)

Favourite book/Author:
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Favourite school subject:

Favourite vacation destination:
Las Vegas!

Favourite Food:
Pizzaaaa (or Nandos)

Favourite restaurant:
Nandos haha

Favourite animal:

Favourite store:
Forever21 (USA) & Victorias Secret

Favourite childhood friends:
Dani & Jeja

Favourite childhood memory:
Summers in Bosnia

Favourite baby name:
Edin, or Luca for boys. Rose/Lily or Isabella for girls.

Favourite person in your life:
My mum and Ads

Favourite Facebook application:
Farmville! (Addicted)

Favourite possession:
My iPhone

Mall store:
Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas

Favourite number:

Favourite month:

Favourite flower:

Favourite ice cream:
Ben & Jerrys

Favourite smell:
New born baby smell

Favourite drink:
Coca Cola

Favourite cartoon character:
Loads of them! Mickey mouse :p

Favourite kind of pants/trousers:

Answer them if you want :D

Fun times

Things I'm looking forward to this week/weekend:

 Going to watch Saw 6! I can't wait. Love these movies.

Going to the X-mas market here in Manchester tomorrow :D
I can't wait! Love walking around the stalls looking at all the nice things and have mulled wine.

Get to play Left  4 Dead 2 tomorrow with my friends :D
Going to be messy!

 The Arctic Monkeys concert on Saturday :) Will be lots of fun!

Do you have anything fun planned this weekend?

Lady Gaga

I used to be sceptic to this young lady. Why? Not sure.
Never really appreciated her music. I'm not too into the whole "pop" music thing.
Well until someone (Yagami!) told me to have a look at her new video "Bad romance"..
And what happened? I got hooked!! I love this song. It has been on repeat for 3 days in a row.
The video is awesome :D

And last night I was watching one of my favourite shows at the moment. (Read Gossip Girl)
When they mention Lady Gaga. And what happens in the end? She appears and sings the song!

Brilliant ;)

Do you like Lady Gaga? If yes, why? If no, why?

Enjoy ;)

Top 2 pictures are from Lady Gaga's website.

I think I might try and get tickets for her concert here in Manchester in February next year.
I got a feeling it will be quite a show :D

Quiz time

We all love these. Don't we? :D
So let's get going.


Have you ever laughed until you cried:
Yeah I have a few times. Especially when watching funny movies like "Elf". Makes me laugh so much! Or when I remember something funny. Usually when someone falls :X I'm evil I know!

Have you ever found out who your true friends were:
Yeah, and there aren't many of them.. But it's one of those things in life. People change..

Met someone who changed you:
Yes. A few people have made me realise my own potential. And I will always be greatful to them. (You know who you are)

What were you doing at midnight last night:
I was trying to fall asleep.

Name something you CANNOT wait for:
Lots of things! But one thing? Hmmm. Going back home to Sweden!

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom:
(Random question?!) But yes I have haha.

What is one thing you wish you could have changed about your life:
I wish I had finished my studies.

Last time you saw your father:

Most visited webpage: (where I have my blog and read other blogs) and where I spam a lot with people :P oh and let's not forget about ;) I'm addicted to the games!

Do people think you're weird?:
I hope so! ;) Don't like being classed as "normal".

Are any of your friends mad at you?:
I think one might be.. But it's just as much their fault as it's mine.

What's one new thing you'd like to try?:
I want to try and paint something. I'm completely rubbish at it, but would love to just try it. Have a paintbrush and some paint and go mad :D
Or learn to play the guitar.

Can you crack your neck:?

Do you like getting hyper:?
Love it! I'm usually very hyper early in the morning and late at night. Weird.
I can just jump around for no reason :P

Do you like making kids cry:?
Nooo! I hate it when they cry. Make my ears bleed.

What is the longest relationship you were in:?
5 years.

These will do for now :)
Got more for tomorrow ;)
So go on. Answer them and make me happy!



I like simple things in life.
Something as simple as coloured words can make me happy :D
Crazy? Yes it is..


Ok this time it wasn't really my fault. So I can't call it a blonde moment.
Not had those lately. Or have I? Nevermind.

I was trying to cheat my diet today (Don't tell Ads he will kill me haha) by getting a regular 
Coca Cola.. Yes I'm bad!
So I went to the vending machine and put the 60p in it (outrageous).
And pressed G1... And what drops down??
A bloody Pepsi Max!!

I look at the code for Coca Cola and it says G1 there too! Even though it should have said G2...
Grrr!!! I'm not happy!
But I guess it's a sign to not mess with the no regular Coca Cola rule during the week!

Worst thing is that I hate Pepsi :(

Wanted this!
Ended up with that ---------->


I miss you in Bosnian, German, Swedish, Italian and English :P

I love languages. I love to learn new languages. I want to learn so many more.
The one I'm trying to learn at the moment is Italian. I think it's a beautiful language.
I also want to learn abit of Afrikaans ;) Hehe. It's an interesting language.
Reminds me of Swedish and German.

Do you speak more than one language? If yes, which ones.
And if not what language would you like to learn/know?

Gina Tricot

I love this shop. I've blogged about it before.
I always get something from there when I'm back home.
Just been on their website and instantly saw some pieces I'd love to have.
I'm not going back for another 4.5 weeks, so these things might not be in stock by then..
But if they are, I will want to buy them!

I love purple dresses alot. (I got 2 so far) And this one would be beautiful for cold nights out.

Perfect for work. Or a day out in town.

Bling bling shorts. Not sure if I could pull these off :X
I'd need a plain, but nice top to go with it and black tights.

Forgot this one. I don't like the lose fit of this t-shirt, but I ♥ the text on it!
It's my favourite song at the moment ;)
Would love to wear it on a night out.
Hoping all of this will still be in stock when I get there!

Arctic Monkeys

Adam loves them.
He has seen them a couple of times and this time he is taking me with him :D
It's an early birthday present for him :P
His birthday is on the 3rd of December and they are playing at the MEN arena this Saturday.
I like their music so I'm sure we will have a great time :D

My favourite song from the latest album "Humbug" is "Cornerstone".

"I thought I saw you in The Battleship but it was only a look alike
She was nothing but a vision trick under the warning light
She was close, close enough to be your ghost
But my chances turned to toast when I asked her if I could call her your name"


We watched a few movies this weekend.

I watched 500 Days of Summer on my own. I really loved this movie.
It's not a love story.But a story about love.
It shows the true sides of dating and love.
Not just the boy meets girl, they fall in love and have a fight, but in the end they
marry and live happily ever after. No. It shows the reality.
It made me laugh out loud at times.
I highly recommend it.

And then we watched Funny People together.
Adam Sandler is in it and so is Seth Rogan and a few others.
Both me and Ads thought it would be a very funny movie.. But.. It was abit "hmmmm".
I can't put my finger on it.. It was funny at times. But not hillarious.
Quiet long too for a "comedy-drama" film.
I don't want to recommend it because I'm not sure if others would enjoy it.

Lastly we watched Paranormal Activity last night.
Which was quite creepy. I like scarier movies, Ads doesn't. Bless him.
But we decided to watch it anyways. It was not gruesome or anything like that.
Just creepy. Gives you a chill watching it. I do recommend this movie.

Have you seen any of these movies? Did you like it? Do you want to see any of them?


I'm so bored of my hair and my haircolour.
I used to dye my hair all the time when I was younger (read 20-21 years old).

I've been everything from fake blonde (Uh oh) to redhead.
And I'm now thinking of doing something with my hair.
I've tried to dye it black once, but it just washed out for some reason.
Thinking of going red again. What do you think?
I wish I had some pics from when I had different haircolour to show you,
but all those pics are back home in Sweden.

What type of red am I thinking of?

 I love this colour.

 This is quite nice too.


What do you think? Should I do it? Would I suit it? :P
Which one of the 3 do you think is the nicest red?


I've always hated it when people have asked me what I wish for.
Be it birthday presents or Christmas presents.
I always say "Oh I don't want anything". I think it's so cheeky to tell someone what you want.
But I guess it's easier for the "buyer" to come up with ideas on what to get..
To be completely honest with you, the best presents I've gotten were the ones that
had alot of thought into them. They don't have to be extravagant or cost loads of money.
Just something personal.

I don't want anything for Christmas. All I want is to be with my family and Ads.

I already know I'm getting a new digitalcamera (which is getting insured hahaha)

But if I had to make a list of things I'd want it would be some of these things.
Found all of them on Urbanoutfitters. They got some kooky things :D
And we all know I like different things.

Haha I'm such a bloody scrooge.


Not sure if I'd really want it, but it's so cool! ♥ Lego

Monkey nail dryer. Perfect for me!

Some other things I'd appreciate would be gift vouchers for H&M.
Buy most of my clothes there.

Books. Any! I love to read.

A drawing from a dear friend of mine.

And that's about it :P

Do you?

Sing: In the shower and karaoke when drunk :p

Dance: Yes all the time. Ads thinks I'm a loony when I just jump up from the chair and start dancing around.

Speak multiple languages: Yes! I speak Swedish,English and Bosnian fluently and know a bit of German.

Ice Skate: Yeah, I love to Ice skate :D

Swim: Not as often as I wish.

Paint: No. Always wished I could though.

Ski: No way, too scared I'll break my legs lol. Going snowboarding in Sweden!

Do you wish you lived somewhere else?: Yes, in a warmer country. I'd love to live in America..

Do you like roller coasters?: The bigger the better!

Ever type kik instead of lol?: Hahaha, might have happened once

Know how to play chess?: Yeah, my late grandad used to play it with us

Ever miss being a little kid?: Yeah, life was so simple and fun

Want to get married?: Yeah, one day in the future

This or that:

Chocolate or vanilla:
Chocolate. Yummy

Big Mac or Whopper: Whopper. I don't eat Big Mac. Hate the sauce..

Coke or Pepsi: Coke! Pepsi tastes awful

Apple Juice or Orange: Orange juice without bits

Summer or Winter: Summer

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers!

Rain or shine: Shine all the time!

Chips or Popcorn: Popcorn. Never thought I'd eat popcorn with sugar till I moved here

Salty or Sweet: Both together is yummy

Plane or boat: Plane!

Morning or night: Night

Movie or Play: Movie

Money or Love: Love

Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgiveness always

Paint or Wallpaper: Both

Truth or Dare: Bit of both ;)

Contatcs or Glasses: I wear glasses.

Mud or Jell-O Wrestling: Mud haha

Diamond or Pearl: Diamond of course

Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset

Phone or in Person: In person

Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: Oldest

Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor

Now you know more about me :P
I like doing quizzes like these.

Feel free to answer the questions if you like :)

Some thoughts

Phil asked me some questions (think he felt like he had to haha ;) I'm quite demanding)

I've ran out of blog ideas for now so I thought I'd ask you what you wanted to read about.

He asked me:

What are your plans/ambitions for the next year?"

Well I did not do my writing course that started this October because of
the depression and all the stress I felt with work etc. So I had to postpone it.
The next course starts in February. I'm going to do it then :)
Looking forward to that.
I want to develop my writing skills and also start writing on a book.
We will see how that goes.

I also want to take the drivers license. I'm 28 and still don't drive. It's quite silly..
So I want to do that too.


"Do you think you'll move on from Tf2? If so, to what?"

For you who don't know what Tf2 is, it's a game called Teamfortress2 that I play (too much).
I lost interest in the game the last few months. I guess that's why I've cut down and mostly play during the
weekend. Makes it more fun that way and I get less frustrated :P
I have started playing the L4D 2 demo and I enjoy it alot, so I think I will be getting that end of the month.

Are you getting L4D 2? Have you tried it yet?

I have decided to cut down on gaming alot. It's not the easiest task, but I feel it's something I have to do.
I need to do other things too. Things that I've neglected for a while because I spend hours on the game.


"And what if anything are you gonna be saving up for next, that isn't a holiday cos everyone does that!"

Love this question because I do have something I'm going to start saving up for beginning of January :D
And what could it be?? Well unfortunately for you male readers it is a designer bag. Haha :p
I've struck a deal with Ads. I can get myself a designer bag if I save up for it myself.
They are quite expensive. Depending what brand and size I decide to go for..
But I've already seen one that I absolutely adore. It's a Miu Miu bag :X
I've never thought I'd be able to spend £600 or more on one bag before..

But I've decided it's something I will enjoy and love. I will choose a style that will last for many years :p
Do you think I'm insane?

Now I ask you the same questions ;) Reply under comments please. Do it! All of you.
If you don't play Tf2, then just answer question 1 and 3 ;)

My favourite Swedish candy

I love candy! Do you?
I don't really like English candy for some reason..
My favourite candy is from Sweden.

Djungelvral is my favourite! It is salty liquorice monkies haha.
They are sooo nice and yummy. I remember first time Ads tried one..
He was not impressed and spit it out and made the funniest face ever.
Was hillarious!

Another favourite is banana skids. Yummy. Reminds me of when I was in school.
We always went to the shop and got these on our break haha.


I miss pick n mix. I know you can get it at some places here in England, but it's not as big as it is back home.

Some of my favourite Swedish chocolate :P



This one is very yummy! Even Ads likes it.

So what candy do you like?


I love my mother more than anything.
We have a very complicated mother/daughter relationship.
She has a very old fashioned mind at times.
And I'm born and raised in Sweden so I have kinda taken that lifestyle over the Bosnian one.
Which has caused alot of fights and disagreements over the years.

My mother is a very strongheaded individual. She does not forgive easily
and she can hold a grudge for a very long time.
That's one of her worst traits.
But she is a wonderful mother.
She would do anything (and has done) anything she could for me and my younger brother.
Sometimes she does too much and we've taken her for granted.

We used to argue alot when I lived back home, but since I moved to England it's been better between us.
We talk alot more now than we used to.
I just wish my mother would know how much she means to me and how greatful I am to her.
I want her to think of herself for once. And let us live our lives and make our own mistakes.
Maybe I will understand her better when I have my own children.

Yesterday was her 51st birthday. Wish I could have hugged her.

This picture is from her 50th birthday last year. It was an amazing day.

♥ you Mamma

Do you have a good relationship with your mum?


Little message to you from me.

Crazy weekend

So I spent Friday night online gaming with friends and a bottle of rose.
We had a lot of fun and I got very drunk.
I need to remember to eat more before I start drinking..
I was up till 5am on Saturday morning.. Was chatting to a dear friend for hours.
Was a lot of fun. I also waited for Ads to come home who had been out with a workmate of his.
He came in at 5 am and very upset. Why? He had lost his iPhone somehow..
He was devasted. I felt so bad for him. I could not have a go at him,
because he is never irresponsible when it comes to losing/ruining "things".
That's usually my department. I've ruined 2 cameras in one year...

I only got 4 hours sleep and went to work early Saturday morning. I was probably still drunk!

Was quite funny. Me and another girl at work (who was high....!)were laughed at by our collegues.

Spent the day on the sofa watching my TV shows and had an hour nap before the night out.
We went to Nandos. Me and 14 other girls/women. I love Nandos,
but I think it might be time to go elsewhere for a while. Yes Spanks you read it!

And then we went to a pub next door. I only had a Kopparberg pear cider and then I went home for 10pm.
I could not keep my eyes open.

I wore my new loveli purple dress from H&M. Felt alittle like a waste, but oh well.
I'll be able to wear it for other occasions.

Here are a few pics.

  (Click to see pics larger)

I also watched Coraline yesterday. Yagami recommended it. Ads did not like it much.
I thought it was different. Yagami does not understand what I mean with that.
It's just very different from most of the animated movies I've seen.
Bit dark and twisty. But it was good. The russian guy was funny.
And I can relate to Coraline. When everyone kept saying her name wrong I kept shouting
"It's Coraline!!" haha. People do the same with my name..

No smiley week

Just read about this in one of the blogs I read daily :) Smam
She writes about a no smiley week that was started by a guy.
I've just read about it and I think it sounds quite interesting.

I use smilies alot. And I mean loads.. I love to use them in conversations in either e-mails,
Twitter,Facebook, text messages etc. I think I use them too much at times.
I've already wanted to put a few of them in now whilst writing these sentances.
So I will try to not use smilies for a week.
Will I manage a whole week without smilies? Doubt it!

Would you be able to? Join us in this no smiley week! See how long you last.

I will try my best!

I want to insert a smiley picture here now, but I can't!!

Star signs

I've always been fascinated with star signs.
I don't believe in the silly horoscopes in newspapers or magazines etc.
But I do believe that we are shaped by our star sign. Maybe not completely..
But alot of it. It is not as simple as "I'm a libra and that means I'm this,this,this and that".

There is so much more to it. You also have an ascendant that effects us as well as the primary star sign.
I'm a Libra with my ascendant in Scorpio.

Some information on the Libra:

THE SCALES is the sign of the diplomat and the ditherer.
Falling in love comes naturally to Librans, whose reason for living centres upon happy and enduring relationships. A life without love is just not worth contemplating, Libra can not function without someone special, for they long for emotional security. Problems arise when the reality does not match the ideal, and a complete inability to make a binding decision about relationships, (or anything else for that matter).

* This is quite right. I have always had issues with being "alone". I love to love and be loved

The bright side

Libra is easy going, charming and pleasant, all relationships are important to Libra, this sign simply can not do without other people, and makes an excellent party host. Libra is a sign that values peace at all costs, and is very fair minded. People like being around Librans, for in the event of a dispute they will seek a compromise. A word of caution on this compromise though, for things may not be what they seem, Librans can if they wish charm the birds from the trees!

Charming, easy going, romantic, diplomatic, idealistic, refined, in love with love.

*Some of these things are right. I'm a pacifist. I don't believe in violence and I don't judge other people.
I do love meeting new people and I always try and see the good in each and every one.

The dark side

Oh the indecisiveness is famous! Librans either sit on the fence, (attempting to appear pleasing to all parties), or they swing wildly from one side of the argument to the other, (and not necessarily dependant on who they are talking to!)
This is not the most reliable of signs, either in what they should do, or in maintaining any particular view point. They are often accused of being two faced. Beneath that charming exterior it is less well known, and stealthily concealed that they are very self centred, and insist on getting their own way, (whatever that is today).

Indecisive, resentful, frivolous, changeable, flirtatious, easily influenced, highly susceptible to flattery

*Oh my. The indecisivness is very true! I can't make my mind up straight away.
About anything. It causes alot of trouble in my life!
I don't think I'm as bad as this comment says. I don't betray someones trust if someone's
told me something and they don't want me to share it with others.
But some of the other negatives are true. Not going to say which ones!

Now I want all of you to tell me what star sign you are,
and then I'm going to get to know more about you.

You can put your dates too if you like so I can remember when your b-day is! 


I am so getting this hat :D I tried it on and it's so cute!!

I've always wanted earmuffs lol, but I'd look like a right **** lol :X
But these are so me!! Might get them and wear them at home haha.




So I didn't get any fireworks... Grrr. New Years! Will deffo have some then.
But I did get my sparklers :P
We went out and I started playing around with them and thought Ads was taking pictures of me...
But he was actually filming me.. So here is the little short video.. Of me looking like a moron :P

And here are some pics.

Thursday rainy Thursday

So a week is almost over. Can't wait till Saturday at 2pm.
(I'm working half a day... Grr)

Today I only worked a few hours and then I went to town to get some fireworks
for tonight. It's bonfire night again :) I don't know much about Guy Fawkes.
Well I know what he tried to do and all that :P
All I really cared about was getting to play with the fireworks haha.
But then it started pissing down :(
And I decided to leave the fireworks for New Year and only got sparklers :X

Will see if I get some nice pics like last year :)

I also bought a lovely top/dress that I am going to wear on Saturday.
Going for a meal. (Nandos :P haha yes, again! I did not choose it this time!)

I also went into Paperchase and found some really nice things that I'd like.
One was a diary for 2010. Have to get it! Will show it to you when I get it.
It's quite cool.

And then I found this little rascal!

I want it! :D There is a smaller version of it, but this one was adorable!

And then I had a
Yummy Caffe Latte ;) I love the Christmas theme cup..
Even though it's too early!

Paramore - Brick By Boring Brick

I like this song. It's got something that hits a nerve in me..
The lyrics are just spot on.

"If it's not real
You can't hold it in your hand
You can't feel it with your heart
And I won't believe it
But if it's true
You can see it with your eyes
Oh even in the dark"

Tea,coffee,hot chocolate?

I've always loved a good cup of tea.
I used to drink Lemon tea alot when I was younger.
Now I like different ones. Mainly blue fruit or tropical fruits.
Never really been into green tea for some reason.
I don't drink my tea with milk like most English people that I know :P
I think it ruins the taste of the tea.

I don't drink normal black coffee if I can help it.
The only time I enjoy it is in Bosnia where the coffe is delicious and you only drink it in small doses.
Probably because it is so strong :P hehe
Last few years I started drinking Cappuccino alot.
I can drink 2 cups of Cappuccino daily. Depending on how tired I am.


Hot chocolate is not a favourite of mine. It always tastes too sweet.
I like cold chocolate drinks though :P

During the winter months I do enjoy a nice cup/glass of mulled wine.
It smells funny, but the taste is nice and it warms the body up in a fuzzy way :D
I bought a bottle of mulled wine the other day.
Just have to find a recipe so I'll know how to make it myself. (Heat it up)

I know people who can't go a day without coffee or tea.
Is that the case with you?
I don't feel like I need it. I just like having something hot to drink in the morning.

And I also love going to Starbucks and sit there with a nice cup of cappuccino or Latte :)
I guess for some people it is a way to socialise with friends.
But also when people or businesses have meetings, they usually do it over coffee.
Why is that?
I once knew a person that did not like tea or coffee, I thought it was so unusual :)

Do you drink any hot drinks? How do you have it? :P

As of now

Your ex and you: Talk sometimes.

I am listening to: Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstore

Maybe I should: Start writing on a book.

I love: Ads.

My best friend(s): Live too far away from me.

I don't understand: Myself.

I have lost my respect for: Someone I thought I knew.

The meaning of my display name is: I'll sleep when I'm dead, not because I'm emo like someone pointed out to me, but I think we spend too many hours of our lives sleeping :) So I rather sleep when I'm dead ;)

I will always be: A kid at heart. Who loves and appreciates the simplest things in life.

Love seems to: Hurt alot. But also feel so good at the same time.

I never ever want to lose: Hope... I will always have hope.

I get annoyed when: People let you down.

Do you like parties?: Yes of course. Who doesn't? :P

Today I: Feel weak and restless.

I wish: That I could have what I want the most... 
(And no it's not millions of pounds).

Are you neat or sloppy?: Quite sloppy :X

What do you do in your spare time?: Read,blogg,play silly games,daydream.

Do you have any medical problems?: Hmm. Depression?

Do you like to read? What?: I love to read. I like different kind of genres.
Everything from criminal ones, chic lit (not as much) to vampire ones :)

Do you cook?: Only when I have to :X

Do you like poetry?: Some of it is good, but it's not something I sit and read just because.

Have you dated someone older than you?: Yes.

How much older?: 1-2 years older I think.

You can answer these too, under comments if you like :)

Just a thought

What do you think you need?

I've always thought that I need my phone and internet.
But sometimes I think they're more of a nuisance than good.

Miss the days when you had to write letters to stay in contact with loved ones.
I miss the excitment of knowing that there was a letter on its way to me from another country.
And the feeling of opening it and reading your loved ones words.
It would make me so happy and fill me with joy.
And writing letters used to be fun.
Now we have e-mails. They aren't as personal as a letter.
Yeah it's easier to use the PC to send e-mails, but why does everything have to be so easy?

Does anyone agree?


I love snow. When I was a kid we used to have so much snow during the winters.
It still snows in Stockholm, but not as much as then.
I loved making snow men and my mum gave me a carrot to put as a nose :P
Snow angels is something else I loved making :D
And we used to snowrace. I had a really cool snowracer.
Not a silly one like the rest of the kids hahaha.
But a proper awesome one!

Most kids had this one.

I had this one. So fast! :P

I have never been into skiing :X I know it's ridiculous when you think about it.
Born and raised in Sweden, but does not like skiing :O
So Ads and I have decided we are going to go snowboarding when we are back home :D
There is a skii slope not too far from where I used to live.
I'm so excited!!

That's the slope :D Can't wait!

Have you ever been skiing? Is it something you'd like to do? :)

Friday night pics

Here are some pics from Friday night.
I really want my camera to work :(
Have to get a new one as soon as possible!
The iPhone is an amazing phone, but its camera is rubbish.
So the pics aren't the best. Guess it's ok because some of these pics are BAD :P

It was one crazy night. I just remembered that I decided to take my bra off on the middle of the dancefloor :X
But I was discreet! hahahaha. Why? Because Cathy one of the girls did not have one on and I thought it would be smart to take mine off?  I really need to stop drinking ;)


Did anyone of you dress up and go out Saturday night?
Tell meeee :)
I want to know.
It's not my thing to be fair.
I think it's fun for the kids to trick or treat :)  

I stayed home and lit candles for my loved and lost ones.


Okey, the previous post was uber long :X
Sorry for that! But I was too tired all weekend to blog.
Bad of me I know! :P

I want you guys/girls to tell me about a drunken, embarrassing night :P

I know you have plenty of them. So share with me :D


What a weekend

I did not have high expectations for Friday night.
Going out with work for the first time.
I thought it would be quite boring to be honest.
I got a bottle of rose and she had some juice. She does not drink.
(Smart girl that one)

And then my manager asked one of the girls what she usually drinks.
And she said "Sambuca". I should have ran home there and then haha.
Let's just say that after a bottle of rose, sambuca and about 3-4 Jaegerbombs I was totally drunk.
I spent most of the night at the bar :P
Ordering the bartender around.
One of the girls got so drunk that she took her top off 3 times.. Oh my.
I'm happy I did not do anything silly :P
 <------------- Evil!!!

Saturday morning.. My head was spinning all day.
Went to town with my friend who had loads of funny stories to share with me :P
We went to Nandos! :D Yes. I've had Nandos 3 Saturdays in a row. Love it! ♥

And then I spent the rest of the Saturday on my big comfy sofa watching my shows.
I lit lots of candles and turned off the lights. Ads was out with his friend.
I had a long chat with a dear friend of mine..
And I opened up about some things that I have kept hidden away far too long.
Thank you for being there when I needed you the most.
And for not judging me, but understanding me.

Sunday, Ads was feeling very rough bless him.
But we managed to get into town for a bit and went to Starbucks.
I found a lovely hat and scarf for the winter :D

And then we went home and watched Monsters Inc. Love that movie!
And Ads gave me an early Christmas present :P haha. I was like "You know it's November?"
He's like: "Yeah, but I'm not going to take all the gifts to Sweden and then back to England".
It was 4 blue rays :D Pinocchio, Sleeping beauty, Cars and Bolt. He knows I love my animated movies :P


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