The weekend is over

My weekend was quite fun :)
Went out on friday with the girls from my old job and their partners plus some friends of theirs.
I did not dress up, but it did not matter really. Plenty of good costumes out there by others :p
one guy was "Joker" in the nurses uniform. It was brilliant.
Me and Ads started the night with Pizza express (Yummy) and then a big pitcher of Vodka Chambulls
(haha don't ask :p okey if u wanna know it is lots of Absolut vodka,redbull and sparkling wine)
All mixed in a huge pitcher :P
That got us a bit tipsy.
Did not come home too late which was appreciated on saturday morning when i had to get up at 9 am for work.
Saturday was very relaxing. Did nothing :p well we did watch the United game
(4-3 outrageous)
and Ads bought an Iphone ( I am sooo jealous! And I'm showing it haha )
Yesterday was spent in town, shopping! :D I got a few things. I regret not buying a skirt from Topshop.
But will go back and get it ;)
Pictures from friday



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