Could I?

Spoke to my mum yesterday. She was asking me if I could come home before
we go to Las Vegas. She said she'd pay for the flights.
I really want to go!! She said it would be for my b-day :P

We leave for Vegas on the 29th and my b-day is the 30th.
So we would have to go the weekend before. Only one problem..
I'm working that Saturday. Have to see if I can swap it or get it off!

We'd go on Friday 23rd and come back on the 26th. So would only have 2 full days.
It will be intense, but I've done it before.
And it would be worth it to spend my "30th b-day" with my family ♥

Going to speak to my manager tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!

Me and my mum for my 20th I think... God... That feels like a life time ago.
I was a totally different person back then... I'd love to go back and speak to my old self!

And I'd love to have that flawless skin and hair :P haha


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