Day 3

Today I had to leave my daughter at nursery for an hour as she starts on Monday for three hours a day. 

I was so upset and worried this morning.

We got there for 9 am and she seemed a bit shy at first. She said she wanted to dress up. So got one of the Princess dresses on her. I then had to leave for an hour as they wanted her to settle in without me.. I went across the road and had a coffee, was so worried she would have been crying for me. An hour later I walked back in and stood and watched her for a minute and she was fine!

She saw me and said 'hi mamma' with a big smile. They told me she had been great and not cried when I left. 
So proud of my little girl. Think it was more me being worried!

Can't believe she is starting nursery. 
Felt so many mixed feelings today, but I know it's the right thing to do.

My little baby girl is growing up...


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