Gina Tricot Wantsies

When we go back to Sweden I always end up in this shop,
without fail. Ads does not like it when I go in here haha.
I usually end up with bags of stuff.

I just can't help it!!
The clothes are quite cheap when you compare to everywhere else in Sweden.
Plus no one has them here in England :D So it's really an investment :P

Found a few new things I wouldn't mind in my wardrobe.

Too bad they don't ship abroad.. Might have to see if I can nip in for half an hour
when I go for my B-day. Shhh don't tell Ads :$

I don't have to tell you why I want this :P
I would wear it with black shorts and some high wedges.
Sooo want it!

Every year I buy this cardigan. In different colours of course.
Plus they make them slightly different each year.
Best cardigan I've ever had. So comfy!!
And this colour is so fab!

I really want this poncho. Will be perfect with jeans/skirts/dresses.
You name it!
So lovely. I would wear it for breezy summer nights and when autumn comes.
Love, love, love!


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