Forever 21

I love this shop. The clothes are quite cheap, but quality isn't too bad.
Better than Primark... I can't stand their clothes.

I always end up buying quite a few bits and bobs at Forever21 when I go
to US of A.
Had a look on their website and found a few things I like.

They might not be there by the time we go there, but if I could I'd get all of them :P

I have the perfect shoes for this cute dress.
Would love to have this in my wardrobe.

I adore this colour.
It would suit me when I have a tan.
I would wear it with my flat gladiators at day,
and high wedges at night.

This one is not my usual style.
It's a bit too girly :P
But you can make it a bit tougher with
some high heels and a bag in a bold colour to
miss match with.
I'd probably go with bright yellow or pink :)

This one would be perfect for the winter holidays.
Tanned body with a cute pair of sandals on your feet.
Hair let down and slightly curled.

A cute lil dress to lounge about in the sun with.

They opened a big Forever 21 shop at Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas last year.
I can't wait to have a look around!! :D


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