Going home in a months time. Only for 3 nights so won't have much time to do anything.
Deffo no time for shopping :( 
Plus we are going to US of A, a week after we go to Sweden haha so I can't be greedy ;)
But let's say I could be greedy.. :P Then I would take a trip to Gina Tricot and buy these
I'd love to wear this with a black pair of shorts or with some black skinny jeans.
Loveli colour. I adore it.
I love this colour so much :X I want it badly! Think I'm gonna buy it anyways!
I don't want to start thinking about knitted clothes, but I do want this for autumn :X
I got a similar one in baby blue, but this one has a different cut to it. Love the colour too.
I want all the above. They're approx £70 all together. Bargain!!


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