Woke up on the wrong side

Feels like I should have stayed in bed today. Started off with panicing about my passport.
I could not find it anywhere. I was going crazy and Ads told me not to panic. (YEAH right! )
But it's true what they say when u panic you make it worse...
Got to work and was all upset. We are going to Sweden on friday. Thinking how will I get a new
passport in 3 days?! No chance.
So Ads told me we would go back to the flat to look for it.. He had one look behind the fridge...
And what did he find if not my passport!! (WOOPS) Im such a fool! Must have knocked it behind there
in my search for it...
 that's how I feel today

Postat av: elli

haha :P

tack så mkt :)<3

2008-11-04 @ 16:30:19
URL: http://ellinorak.blogg.se/

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