The Pink Panther

Last night we watched it. The one that was made in 2006. I love the original movies, so I was not sure if I would like this one. But it was quite funny at times. Made me laugh :D Steve Martin is funny, and Jean Reno was good in his role. Other actors were Beyonce Knowles (yep) Kevin Kline, Emily Mortimer and many more. Oh Jason Statham had a small role in the beginning, but he did not say a word :( Oh well. I recommend this movie.
  Hahaha he is mad.
Oh the sequal to this movie is coming out next year. Looking forward to that.

Spent a  few hours reading my lovely book yesterday. And I did not get to sleep til late because I could not put it down. :p
I've almost finished reading the first book. Can't wait to start on the second one.


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