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That is me. I don't like Christmas, I can almost say that I hate it. I have for years now. Why?? Well first of all, I don't like christmas shopping, the fact that you feel like you HAVE to buy things to everyone. If I want to buy someone something, I will. No matter what date or day it is. People have forgotten what Christmas is all about. We stopped "celebrating" it when I was about 15. Up til last year I have always spent Christmas at my dad's. Because his wife is catholic and Christmas means alot to her. So we go there for a nice dinner and "Kalle Ankas Jul" which is a program that has been going on swedish television for years and years. It is a tradition to watch it with family and friends on Christmas Eve.  
Since my sister was born I have enjoyed buying HER gifts. But I buy her things all the time :) Because I adore her ♥
It makes me so happy when I see her open all the gifts and then throw them away haha. Because it's not what is in the wrapper that is exciting for her. She just loves opening them :p Bless her.  

I don't expect any gifts or cards from anyone. I wish we could just spend the day with our loved ones and think about how blessed we are compared to other people. People that have no one to share the "holidays" with. It makes me sad to think about them. And I wish there was a way for me to give something to these people. So I have decided to donate some money to a charity of some kind. I am not quite sure which one. But I will feel happier doing that then throw my money on silly gifts. When the best gift of them all is to be with your loved ones.

Okey here comes the contradicting part of me ( haha it is never white or black with me. It is always a shade of grey!)

Last year I spent Christmas on my own. (Long story) I bought a small black X-mas tree. It was quite adorable. With silver baubles and tinsel. I am kinda looking forward to putting it in the livingroom this year too. I don't mind X-mas decorations. And I do love walking around the X-mas market's here in Manchester. So I guess I don't hate everything about it.

One thing I'm happy about is that we will be spending the week before X-mas in Las Vegas. 

Postat av: Caroline

^Åh, en till som inte gillar julen! Eller jag tycker väl den är mysig och så, men en dag, max två räcker. Det råder sådan hysteri och så sympatiserar jag med alla som sitter ensamma osv..

Jag mår bra trots den råa kycklingen och nästa gång får den absolut bli tillagad längre.

Ah men vad trevligt.

Jobb som jobb säger jag. Allt kan inte vara roligt, men så länge som man inte verkligen avskyr sitt jobb så funkar det.

Hur länge har ni varit tillsammans och var träffades ni?


2008-11-20 @ 16:36:36
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Postat av: Karin


2008-11-20 @ 17:11:27
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Postat av: Caroline

Alla förhållanden har ju sin historia :)

Jag är 23 bast, ganska gammal känner jag själv. Du?

2008-11-21 @ 04:07:51
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Postat av: Garderobsgrubbel&Byråbekymmer

tack gumman!

ja den är riktigt skön att ha på sig också. Och håller med - färgen blir bara grymmare och snyggare ju mer jag ser den =9

2008-11-21 @ 14:57:12
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Postat av: Garderobsgrubbel&Byråbekymmer

japp den kommer in på nelly i nästa vecka =)


2008-11-21 @ 15:37:00
URL: http://pyttis.blogg.se/
Postat av: Caroline

Hehe, jag har haft åldersångest sedan jag var en sisådär 17 bast tror jag.

Att medelåldern på de som pluggar här år ungefär nitton gör ju inte saken bättre :) Men jag lider inte så fasligt. Jag känner mig inte direkt som 23 ändå :)

Jo dagen har varit bra. hur var din?

2008-11-22 @ 00:31:24
URL: http://coffeechic.blogg.se/

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