Love having sundays off. I used to work almost every sunday when I was working in retail. Now that I'm back in an office I can enjoy lazy sundays. Woke up around 9.30 this morning. I went out after all. Was not in the mood at first, but thought I'd probably be bored if I stayed in and I might have ended up watching Mamma Mia again haha.

It was okey at the party. Had quite alot of roseee (yum). And I got quite tipsy haha.

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 Simon,Ads & Me
 rubbish picture, but I wanted a picture of the back of the dress I was wearing. Love this dress :)

Went around town for a bit today. The weather was horrible though :/ My umbrella broke in half and flew away. Was so funny :D Walked around the Christmas market, but it was too busy. I'm going back on Tuesday, saw a few nice things I might get.
Bought 2 new books :D "New moon" & "Eclipse" by Stephenie Meyer, both are a part of the Twilight series :D Can't wait to read them all. There are 2 more books after them. I'll buy them when I'm in Vegas :P 



Postat av: MATILDA

svar: oh, tackar :)

2008-11-23 @ 18:25:00
Postat av: Milli

Vassegooo :-)

Hehe eller hur, det är bud på att köpa båda :-D

aah! Hehe.



2008-11-24 @ 14:49:10

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