My sister is 7 years old and the cutest kid in the world ♥ She loves the Bratz dolls for some reason.
When I was her age I loved Barbie and I had more than I could count haha. I bought her the first Barbie  But I don't think she likes her as much as the Bratz. Which she has at least 25 of. I counted them last time we went there (September) And I always buy her one when I go back to Sweden. Adding to the already HUGE collection. I can't help it.... I have done it again now :p I bought 2! Bratz dolls.. They were sooo nice and the price was shockingly good :D Will take some pictures of her with them when I'm there.
But here is a sneak peak
You get loads more with it. Drums and other things :p The other one is Yasmine as a baby and her mum.
What do you think of Bratz? I personally don't like them too much. They are too "grown up" for my liking. Some of them are pretty. But I prefer the old fashioned Barbie hehe

Postat av: Karin

Bra åsikt:)

2008-11-07 @ 13:50:21
Postat av: k i m m e l i m

Tack! Vi flyttar den 1 Januari =)

Bratz dockorna tycker jag är ganska charmiga, men lite "för mycket" för småtjejer kanske. Fast iofs, om jag vore 7 så hade jag också velat ha så många. haha

2008-11-08 @ 09:16:40
Postat av: ..:Sarah:..

Eller hur=)

2008-11-08 @ 13:32:01
Postat av: natta


2008-11-08 @ 14:23:45
Postat av: Designutlottningar!

Hej! Vill du ha en ny bloggdesign? Var med i min designutlottning! :)

2008-11-09 @ 23:56:50
Postat av: Dress Like a Princess

:) jag älskade med barbie när jag va liten hehe..

2008-11-10 @ 11:03:04

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