Bond, James Bond

Woooo,we are going to watch Quantum of Solace!
I am soooo excited. I love the Bond movies.
And I am a big fan of Daniel Craig ♥
I cant wait to go to the cinema and have sweet popcorn.
Yes sweet as in sugar popcorn. Before I came to England I had not heard of that.
In Sweden we got salty and butter popcorn. But NOT sweet :/
I was not sure if I would like it, but it is quite nice! :D
Oh and i have a craving for candy! Miss Swedish "lordags godis".
Aaaaah I know what else I'm getting next weekend ;)
Just one week til im back in Sweeeden :D ♥

Oh some silly information.
Last year me and some friends went to watch Casino Royale at the cinema and it started at 00.07 haha
I thought it was quite funny :p
But I was pretty tired when I came home :)


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