4 years <3

Me and Ads have been together 4 years today.
We officially met today in 2007. I landed at Manchester aiport and
I was sooo nervous. I'd only seen him on Skype and we used to
spend hours speaking to each other on the phone. 
I had loads of butterflies in my belly and I did not know what I would
say when I saw him. He was a bit late due to traffic, but then he was there.
He stood infront of me so tall and handsome and he had a cheeky grin on :)
I hugged him so hard and then we kissed :$ ♥
We have shared a lot together. Both happiness and sadness, but we are stronger
because of these things. And we are still so happily in love. 
I don't think I realised how much he loves me until I fractured both my arms.
He was there for me and he took care of me like no one else could have. 

I love you Adam Green and I hope and wish we will be together till we are old
and grey! :)

I have had such an amazing time with you my love. We have been to so
many amazing places and have had so much fun together! :D
Can't wait to explore the rest of the world together and everything else
that comes our way. I would not have changed anything.

Thank you for being you and for loving me ♥


Nedostajes mi...

I Miss you.
Jag saknar dig.
Ich vermisse dich....
Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian/Albanian flags :p
I've spent the last few hours listening to music from former Yugoslavia aka
Balkan music.. I Love it so much.
(Ads doesn't.. Haha, he thinks it's gypsy/bollywood music) 

I used to go out every other weekend and dance/sing to this type of music when
I lived back home.. There are no places like that here in England. 
I miss it a lot.. And when I do, I put my music on LOUD and just sing as loud as I can :P
(Pics from Google images)

God Jul!

Aka Merry Christmas in Swedish :)
Today is the main day in Sweden when you spend time with your loved ones,
watch Kalle Ankas Jul (read Donald Ducks Christmas show) and the day you
open the presents.

I wish I was back home today. With my family.. 
I miss them the most today. I Skyped with my dad and lil sister earlier today.
Was so nice to see them. 

Last year we spent Christmas in Sweden. Was one of the best Christmas's ever.
Till er alla fran mig :)
Me, lil sis and dad last X-mas ♥

My b-day (September)

I celebrated my 29th B-day in Orlando.
Adam had made reservations at Discovery Cove, a beautiful place with lots
of animals and fun stuff to do and see.
We went there early in the morning and left in the afternoon. 

He also fulfilled one of my biggest dreams. 
Swimming with a beautiful dolphin named Cindy :D
I also snorkelled for the first time ever. They had this beautiful pool with hundreds
of beautiful fish in it. It was amazing.
And we touched sting rays. They were quite weird and slimy haha.
All the food and drinks were included in the price which was great :)
Some pics from that day.

Adam made my B-day memorable and it was by far the best b-day I've ever had :D
I loved every minute of it!!

Thank you my darling for being the best bf in the world xX ♥

I love you xX

Oh and when we came back to the hotel room I found a bag with these in them :$

I was not expecting it as we had agreed that the day at Discovery Cove was more than enough.

And I had gotten a Harry Potter wand too :p haha.

Amongst other things I got from other people was a 1.75 litre Jack Daniels bottle.

It's huge! Still not opened it haha. A bottle of red wine, money,

and some chocolate frogs (Harry Potter :P )

All in all a wonderful day :)

Hope for in 2011

Things I look forward to/hope for in the new year.
* Good health for me, my family and the people I care about.
* Our 4 year anniversary :)
(Hoping to get away for a weekend, got some ideas where, but will write about it later on)
* Trips! We are hoping to go back to our beloved Vegas :) but it's unsure at the moment due
to some things we might be going through.
* Move in to the house!! And have a lot of fun making it look the way I want it haha ;)
Decorating bit I mean.

* Go see Katy Perry live at the the Apollo here in Manchester in March!!! ♥
If I can manage to get tickets. Fingers crossed!!

* See Glee live at the MEN Arena (Manchester) in June!!
It would be amazing to see them LIVE.
I'm such a Gleek :D and I love the show and I usually sing a long :$ Yup, a Gleek! Haha
* This one should be first on the list, but it's something that I am scared/excited/bit worried about..
Have a baby.. If we are successful.. I will write a blog post about it soon..
When I can figure out how to best explain it. (I'm not pregnant if anyone thinks that..)
* Have a wonderful time with family and friends and just be happy with myself, my life and what I do.

What do you want in 2011?

All I want for X-mas

I can't believe it's almost Christmas again.. This year has flown by..
It's not been a good year for us.. Started badly and it does not look like it will end well.

I just hope that next year will be better..
We aren't getting each other presents this year as we decided to go to Tenerife :)
And we were cheeky few weeks ago and bought a laptop.
Plus the house is our main priority now.
But if I was to wish for anything it would be something like this:
•My arms to be healed, so we can enjoy our holiday
(and Ads won't have to worry about me)
♥I would have loved to spend Christmas back home again like last year.
•I would have liked to make a snow angel too haha (difficult with 2 broken elbows)
•My favourite perfum, Diamonds by Giorgio Armani.
•Chocolates :P A girl can never have too much chocolate ;)
♥But most of all I wish that everyone that I love and care for will be healthy and happy.
And I wish everyone a lucky 2011.
Good times from last X-mas
♥ I wish I could do it all again ♥

The house

Got a few more pics from the house.
It is still going slow and we have now been house owners for about 7 months,
but we are still not in it haha. We are getting there though.
I can't wait till it is all done and I can finally have people over without feeling crowded.
And the best thing will be when I can decorate it! That'll be the most fun for me ;)
Latest pics.
We got french doors going out from the kitchen into the garden. Will make the kitchen so much brighter.
I don't do too much haha just order them about haha ;)
I'm not lazy! I had actually been doing some work before this. (or was it after...)
Behind those doors is my walk in wardrobe :D
My shower cubicle. Will be spending lots of hours in that!
Bathroom flooring that I like a lot :)
Rest of the bathroom. I wanted a more modern looking bathroom,
but because the house is old I could not get everything I wanted.
It's not too bad though I suppose :)
The stairs were done this weekend :D I'm so happy to finally see them. 
Karl, the lovely man who is doing our whole house made them from scratch :D
They are going to be painted white :) Love them!!
That's it for now.
Want to move in now!

Let it snow

One of my favourite "Winter/Christmas" songs!!!

My mum text me today and said it's snowing back home! :D

I'm going home on Friday for a few days. Hope it keeps snowing!

Dreams coming true!!

I am going swimming with dolphins!!! Yes I am!!! :D I am the happiest person right now!
Ads told me today because he thought someone would slip and tell me before my Birthday!
I've always loved dolphins, since I was a kid and I used to watch Flipper!! Haha.
They are such amazing and beautiful creatures and swimming with them will be such
an awesome experience!! :D

We are going to a place called Discovery Cove in Orlando on my Birthday!! 3 weeks tomorrow!!

They have a tropical reef and a place called the Aviary where they have loads of beautiful birds
like Parrots! :D I have always wanted a parrot :p

Can't wait to take loads of pictures!!

Can't wait!! :) It looks beautiful.
You get all inclusive. Breakfast, lunch, free drinks all day (including beer) and fruit!!

So cute! I want to feed them too!

Indecisive as per usual

I've been looking at tattoos two nights in a row.
I want another one.
Well that's a lie.
I want several! :)

I only have one. And I'm not that pleased with it.
I love it don't get me wrong, but the tattooist that did it was not very serious at
the time and he did a rubbish job.. So I would like to get it sorted if possible.

My first tattoo.
I love what it stands for...

What do I want next?
It's a difficult answer! What don't I want!! :P

Someone I knew few years ago drew me a tattoo and I do like it, but it's abit intricate
and I'm scared I'll chicken out!

The "lily" or "Fleur de lis" has another strong meaning to me and I will have one of these
one day. Just not sure if I should have this one.
I love stars too thats why I asked him to design a tattoo with both symbols.

I want a skull with a bow too :P haha yes I know how silly that sounds.. 

I got so many ideas, but I wont mention them yet ;)

I wish I was artistic so I could draw my own tattoo :X
But I'm not!!

Found an old picture that someone else drew. She drew it for my birthday many years ago..
When I was in a bad place and my heart was broken.
It's really beautiful and I would love to have it as a tattoo, but I think it might be abit too much!

I might just have the heart done.. I used to love this drawing and I still have the painting in a frame..
I miss the person that drew it.. Even though we stopped talking 2 years ago..
She meant the world to me. She was a part of me. We were like siamese twins in some way.
But we grew apart and some harsh things were said..
I wish I could say "I'm sorry to her & I will always cherish the times we spent together"..


Lil brother not so little anymore

Beginning of June I went back home for less than 3 days..
My old job did not let me have any more days off in the summer (insane,hence "old job").
It was my brothers b-day and my cousin and his family came over for food and cake.
My mum made everything by herself.
I ate like a pig haha. I love her "sandwich cake". Delicious!

Was nice to see my family even though it was for such a short period.
I had not been home since X-mas.. Far too long. And now I won't be going back till end of September..

Can't believe it sometimes. That my brother is 6 years younger than me.

Also went to my nana's for a bit to see my lil sister. She is growing up too fast..



I love and miss my family so much..

Dreams coming true

Since I met Ads a lot of my dreams have come true.
He has done so much for me and taken me to places I've only dreamed about.

We have been to Las Vegas twice. And he took me to LA last summer.

He bought me tickets to go see Metallica and he went with me even though he hated every minute of it.
The list goes on of the nice things he has done for me :)

But on Friday he made yet another dream come true :D

He said he got me something. I had to sit at work for hours and think about what it may be.
I thought it might have been an iPad :P or a Sony Vaio mini.

When he said it's in his pocket I knew..
He had bought me tickets to go see Lady Gaga!!!

I still can't believe I will be seeing her LIVE in a few days time.
This Thursday at the MEN Arena :D I'm sooo excited it's untrue!

I did not want to put down the tickets for 30 minutes haha. Thought it would all be a dream!!!

I love Ads so much. (Not only because he gets me stuff, but because he knows me.
And he knows how to make me the happiest woman alive ♥ xX)

♥ Love, love, love, LOVE ♥

Randomz 5

Almost 3 years ago. On the balcony of our first flat ♥

On our way to Grand Canyon. In a very small plane! :)

♥ Love.love.love.love ♥ No words needed for this picture

Things change

Life is too short to think of what if's and maybes.

The last week has been very emotional for us.
We've seen someone we love and care about in a way I could not imagine.

It makes you realise that anything can happen. In a very short space of time.

We had decided to focus on the new house this year and we thought we wouldn't
have a major holiday at all. But Ad's has changed his mind now.
And if everything works out with the house..
We will try and save up as much money as we possible can to go away in September.
Most of his family are going to Florida for 2 weeks and he wants to go too.
He found a really good deal for us. There is one thing tho.
The first 4 nights would be spent in another city.
Somewhere I've always wanted to go.

I don't want to get too excited, because we might not be able to do it.
But if we did. Oh how amazing it would be!

So where is it we would go?

My ultimate favourite TV show is set in this city.
And who lived in one of those flats? My all time favourite character :)

Magnolia Bakery & Magnolia caupcakes.
I've heard they have the most amazing cupcakes here.
So I'd have to go there :P

Adams favourite TV show is also set in this amazing city.

If you don't know it by now...

Yes!! New York it is!! I really hope we can make it.
It would be yet another dream come true thanks to my lovely, adorable bf ♥
4 nights in this amazing city and 3 whole days to explore!

Before going to Florida for relaxing and loads of fun at Disney World/Universal etc.


Means the world to me.
I miss my family so much sometimes.
Especially since I moved to England..
I used to visit my gran and auntie alot when I lived back there.
And I met my cousins whenever I had a chance.
But since moving here I don't get to see them very often.
And when I go back to visit I sometimes don't meet everyone I want.
I got quite a big family. I love it! :)

On Christmas day we went to my grans and aunties.
One of my favourite cousins was there with her baby boy.
I had not seen him before, which I feel so bad about.
She is expecting another baby now :D So happy for her.

And my cousin Kevin was there too! He was only tiny when I saw
him last time.
Here are some pictures from that day.

♥ Me and my Mamma ♥

Masochists or Optimists

"In love relationships there is a fine line between pleasure and pain.
In fact it is a common belief that a relationship without pain is a relationship not worth having.
To some, pain implies growth.
But how do we know when the growing pains stop and the pain pains begin?
Are we masochists or optimists if we continue to walk that fine line? "

Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and the City

How often are we wanting something we know we can't have. Something we shouldn't have.
Things or people that are bad for us. We can love someone that causes us incredible pain,
and not want to let go of them. Why?
We tell ourselves that they're not always bad.
There are moments whenthey are loving, caring, the most adorable people we've known.
Most times they can say just one thing that gets us to forget about all the bad things they do to us.

Sometimes I think we love the pain others put us through.
Because it's all we might get from this person we love/want.
But how long do we try to make things work?
How long does it take for us to wake up and realise that it is not worth the pain.
No matter how good it could be or should be.

When is enough enough?

Christmas Eve

In Sweden they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve :)
It´s always been that way. No idea why.
We usually spend Christmas Eve at my dads and his wife.
She is catholic so Christmas is huge for her.
My family does not really celebrate Christmas.
They used to do it for me and my brother when we were children so we
did not feel left out with the other kids we knew.

But I love spending time with my family over Christmas.
Eating delicious food and just being together. Especially since I moved to England.
This is the first Christmas back since 2006. And Adams first Swedish Christmas too.
It´s his first Christmas away from his family, so we tried to make him feel at home as much
as we could. And I think he had a good time :) He loved the food!
Here are some pics from Christmas Eve at my dads.

Wearing my new dress for the special occasion :P

My new cardigan/bolero that I bought the other day. I love it! It´s so Lady Gaga!! :D

Lil sister and Ads

Lil bro and lil sis and Tasa! ♥ She is wearing my hat from Las Vegas that I got last year :P


She kept asking "What time is it? Is it time yet?". To open the presents :P
We have a tradition where we watch a program that starts at 3pm and then we can
open the presents :P She was so eager. Bless her.

Some yummy "Meze" to have before the feast :P

I brought that with me all the way from England. She loved it!

Santa Claus? :p

Auntie, bro,sister and me

Me and my dad,sister and brother ♥

The only English thing we had at the Christmas table was the crackers :P
They were not sure what to do with them, but then we showed them and they liked them :D haha

 Cutie pie

The "Swedish" Christmas table. Delicious! I was so stuffed afterwards :P

My sister could not wait to look at all the toys she got :P
Neither could I haha. I´m such a big child!

I wanted this Groovy looking Bratz doll :D

Gaming addiction runs in the family :P haha

We spent Christmas day at my mums with another lovely Christmas feast :D
My family are all in the restaurant business, so they are awesome cooks!
Not me... Hahaha.

And we also went to see my auntie and Gran for a bit. Will post more pictures tomorrow.
Have to show all my lovely pressies I got :D

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you got all you wished for,
but most of all that you spent it with people you love.
May you all be happy and fat :P And I look forward to a new year with you :)
Hopefully 2010 will be a better year for me.

Lots of love,

Karolina/Ciri ♥

Loveli day

We went to a mall called Skärholmen today. It´s my local mall over here.
It´s not huge, but it has quite a few shops I like there.
Found plenty of nice things there :D
Had to find my auntie a Christmas present, I found one straight away :D
Looking forward to Christmas Eve now. That´s the main day we celebrate
over here :P But I´ve decided to wait and open mine and Adams presents on
Christmas Day... (Boooo haha)


We had some lovely cake called Prinsesstårta. And some latte.
The cake is really a birthday cake here in Sweden. It is d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s :D

That hat is perfect for a bad hair day :P

Altho it makes my already big head look HUGE! haha
Alien?? :O

We also went to Systembolaget... Which is the only shop that sells alcohol.
It´s owned by the government and the prices are just ridiculous.
You would not believe it..

But we went and got some beer for Ads and I bought some bottles of my favourite Swedish Cider :D
They have a Christmas edition. And when you turn the bottle upside down it has glitter in it :P
I´m such a girl!! Easily amused like that haha. Hope it tastes as nice as it looks..

Bought the Malibu & Bacardi at the airport. Cheap as ****.
One of those bottles is about £20 in Systembolaget! For ONE!! If not more..

We are having a cocktail night on Christmas Day :P Making our own Mojitos.
Got all the ingredients for it. Yummy!

Family & Christmas market

Spent the day yesterday at my dads. It was nice to catch up.
And to see my lil sister. She is such a cute rascal!
She grows so fast now... Wish she would stop growing!
Want her to be a kid forever! :P
I know, I´m selfish.

We watched some skiing and some football. As I used to do with my dad when I was younger.
It´s a tradition :P


Ads is teasing Tasa. Bless her.

Awwww. He is so mean!

She hears someone at the door.

There is snow everywhere!!

We went to old town today. It´s beautiful there all year long.
It´s got beautiful old houses and so much history there.
If you ever get a chance to come to Stockholm this is a place you have to see :)
Walked around the shops and the Christmas market a bit. I got myself a yummy
glögg or mulled wine as you call it in England ;) And some gingerbread cookies!

In old town. I love it there. So nice.

That´s the Nobel museum in the back.

Glögg/mulled wine with gingerbread cookies is a must over here ;) ♥

After the old town we walked into the city centre and did some shopping :D
My favourite part of going abroad hahaha ;)
I bought 2 loveli dresses! Will post pics tomorrow.
I got the black one with sequins that I blogged about few weeks ago. So happy!
Can´t wait for the sale! Hoping I will find some nice things :)

Had some lunch in town. Ads had an Iskender kebab. He loves it :P
And I had some chicken in pita with looooads of garlic sauce. Mhmmmmmm.
Yummy! I´m not ashamed of liking garlic lol.
It stinks,but it is sooo delicious! And healthy ;)

Bought this pretty little tree too :D It´s adorable!

Home sweet home

It feels so good to be home!
I´ve had a nice day with my mum and Ads.
We went to a mall close by today. Supposed to buy some winter boots for Ads,
but came home with loads of goodies :P Yummy food, snacks and drinks too ;)

This was last night outside my mums flat. It was -16 degrees :O Freeezing!
Not as cold today :P

My mum cooks delicious food for us and we´ve even baked today!
She made the dough and I shaped the buns :P They might not look too great..
But they were delicious!


After :P yummy

Me and Ads wanted to build a snowman earlier. OK ok.. I wanted it :X
But the snow was too powdery. You could barely make a proper snowball :/
So decided to make a snow angel instead :)
We also had a lil snowball fight haha

Getting ready for the snow :P
Took one of my mums hats for the occasion. Mine would have let snow in!

Getting all serious with the snow angel making :P hahaha

Help me up!

Woops, maybe not the best idea :X

Can you see it? I think it´s really pretty :D

Ads getting ready to throw a snowball at me...

I´m messing about with the snow.

Got it in my face!!

Greetings from Sweeeeden :D

And then I slipped. Whoops!

Love the multi screen on my camera haha.
He surrenders! Well so I thought...

My poor Uggs :X

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