Christmas Eve

In Sweden they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve :)
It´s always been that way. No idea why.
We usually spend Christmas Eve at my dads and his wife.
She is catholic so Christmas is huge for her.
My family does not really celebrate Christmas.
They used to do it for me and my brother when we were children so we
did not feel left out with the other kids we knew.

But I love spending time with my family over Christmas.
Eating delicious food and just being together. Especially since I moved to England.
This is the first Christmas back since 2006. And Adams first Swedish Christmas too.
It´s his first Christmas away from his family, so we tried to make him feel at home as much
as we could. And I think he had a good time :) He loved the food!
Here are some pics from Christmas Eve at my dads.

Wearing my new dress for the special occasion :P

My new cardigan/bolero that I bought the other day. I love it! It´s so Lady Gaga!! :D

Lil sister and Ads

Lil bro and lil sis and Tasa! ♥ She is wearing my hat from Las Vegas that I got last year :P


She kept asking "What time is it? Is it time yet?". To open the presents :P
We have a tradition where we watch a program that starts at 3pm and then we can
open the presents :P She was so eager. Bless her.

Some yummy "Meze" to have before the feast :P

I brought that with me all the way from England. She loved it!

Santa Claus? :p

Auntie, bro,sister and me

Me and my dad,sister and brother ♥

The only English thing we had at the Christmas table was the crackers :P
They were not sure what to do with them, but then we showed them and they liked them :D haha

 Cutie pie

The "Swedish" Christmas table. Delicious! I was so stuffed afterwards :P

My sister could not wait to look at all the toys she got :P
Neither could I haha. I´m such a big child!

I wanted this Groovy looking Bratz doll :D

Gaming addiction runs in the family :P haha

We spent Christmas day at my mums with another lovely Christmas feast :D
My family are all in the restaurant business, so they are awesome cooks!
Not me... Hahaha.

And we also went to see my auntie and Gran for a bit. Will post more pictures tomorrow.
Have to show all my lovely pressies I got :D

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you got all you wished for,
but most of all that you spent it with people you love.
May you all be happy and fat :P And I look forward to a new year with you :)
Hopefully 2010 will be a better year for me.

Lots of love,

Karolina/Ciri ♥

Postat av: Slippery Lizard

Looks like you have fun!!! Nice pictures!!1 Hope you continue having a great time!!

2009-12-27 @ 22:32:37

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