So I'm going home next week :D YAY!!

And I will be going to Gina Tricot next day haha.

Here are some new things I want to be able to bring back with me ;)

I really like the beige jacket. It's going to be colder over there than in England.
And I can save it for later on in the year too :)

I love the black dress. Not sure if it will suit me though so need to try it on

Don't think I need to explain the tee with the bow :P I love USA!

The blue blazer is nice and the mint green top will be great for summer :P

The black pants were just to fill the last picture haha :P I wish I had legs like that ;)

Postat av: Garderobsgrubbel&Byråbekymmer

så fin svarta klänningen är =)

glad påsk!

2012-04-06 @ 13:54:46

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