Zlatan Ibrahimović

I got his book as a Christmas present from my mums cousin when they visited us.
I started reading it the other night and I can't put it down. Read it at work when
I'm on my lunch break and at night when Ads is sleeping. 

I'm totally engrossed with it.
Never liked him in the past. I thought he was a diva and didn't like the fact
that he played for the Swedish national football team as his dad is Bosnian and
thought he was a traitor.. It's silly really, but that's how most Bosnians feel about it.
Now I know that he was portraid as a diva by the media and that most of it was BS.
I actually respect him as a person now and a footballer. 

If you like to read biographies and like football, then I do recommend the book to you :) 

I'm reading it in Swedish. Think it was the right choice for this book :) 
Makes more sense to me to read it in our "native" language..


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