New Year

I'm wanting to start over with my blog this year.
Make it what it used to be.

I know I've been quiet the last 2 years and I don't even know why.
Well, the biggest reason is that I work in a place where I haven't got access to Internet
to be able to update as much as I used to in the past.

Only have access to it during the lunch hour and I want to eat then! :P

When I get home I'm too tired to sit infront of a PC or laptop.

I do miss blogging they way I used to. And I think I need to make some type of
arrangement where I at least blog once a week. I could do that and then take it from there.

So this week I will be blogging about the last few months.

X-mas and New Years - When my mum came to visit us for the first time since I moved
to England :)

Hope you're all still going to keep checking in.
I do apologise for being so rubbish!!

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