Going home!

2 weeks tomorrow it's time to go back to Sweden :D I can't wait!!

Not been home since September :(

Going for 5 days so a bit longer than last time.

Will have enough time to meet my family and friends!

And eat lots of yummy food and of course do some shopping too ;)

This is what I'm looking forward to the most though..


After seeing my family of course ;)

It's also my little sisters 10th b-day whilst I'm there :D
Can't believe she is 10. Remember when she was a little baby.
She is growing up too fast!!
Hope she likes my present that I will be getting her!! :)
She is 10 now, so can't buy her anymore dolls and stuff.
But she isn't in that stage either when girls like Justin Bieber for example haha.
Maybe few more years to go :P

I can't wait to get on the plane!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Home sweet home :)


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