Shoes 2 Adore

Been looking online for shoes. I do love shoes.
Most women do right? :P
Found lots of nice shoes on Nordstrom's website.
They have a shop in Las Vegas, and I will deffo go there to try some out.
I'll most likely end up with 10 pairs of new shoes whilst we are there :p
These are some of the shoes I'd like to try on and most likely buy ;)

Beautiful. Designer - Jessica Simpson. 
I'd wear these at home because they look so fab!
Platforms. Designer - Steve Madden
I adore these. They got it all.
The patent black with the oh so "fashionable" animal print and a red heel.
A casual bootie with a twist. Designer - Jessica Simpson
Just love the shape of this show. And the colour is lovely.
Spiked heel - Designer - Jeffrey Campbell.

This shoe is so me!! I want it badly. Gonna look for it everywhere!!


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