Only One Thing

Flying home to Sweden tomorrow night!
Our flight leaves Liverpool airport at about 8pm. 
We will be landing at 11.20pm local time. 
Aaaaaah!! So excited!!
My mums paid for both our flights and I'm so greatful to her ♥
She wanted me to come home for my 30th b-day, but it'll be spent in Vegas
so she said I should come the week before! :) 
She has made all my favourite food and desserts. 
Can't wait to see my family and EAT :D haha xx
Soooo happy!! Been so excited all day.
Only working half day tomorrow. 
Then straight home to do some cleaning and get going to the airport!
There is only one thing I want with me back from Sweden. 
And it's this poncho. I do wish it will be in the shop when I go there on Sunday.
Only in Sweden for the weekend so won't have time to shop at all, but
going to one of the malls local to my mums and fingers crossed they still have this in stock!


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