Best Candy Places - Las Vegas

I love Candy :D Do you?!!

I'm sure you do ;) 
Everyone loves candy. I also love chocolate.
But I will class that as candy as well in this post.
Thought I'd let you know of some places where to find the best sweeties ;)

I've not been to all of them. YET! But will make sure I go this time :D
Didn't know about some of them... Until now.
1. Fuzziwig's Candy Factory

Found this one in Anaheim 2009. And was like ah-ma-zed with all the candy in there!!
They got anything you could imagine or want! Too much to be able to choose from!
I don't like it when I have too much to choose from haha :)
2. M & M's World

The name says it all! :D Perfect shop for everyone that loves M & M's.
I know I do! Awesome shop. You can't miss it.
They have some M&M characters outside the shop.

3. Godiva Chocolatier

Anyone that loves chocolate, will know about Godiva. 
They make some of the most delicious chocolate in the world. 
It's expensive, but it's worth it :) I shall visit this shop. 
Even if I only get a few bits and bobs from there.
4. Sugar Factory

I can't wait to go to this shop. I've only seen it online, but they have some really cool candy!
Like these.

These are sooooo meeee!! Sparkly lollipops!! :D Do I need to say more??


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