Xmas Shopping

Some people might think it's too early to start the christmas shopping..
(Including Ads...)
I started my christmas shopping last Friday! And I've spent hours online
tonight looking for personal gifts for my loved ones :)
I've already found a bit. Still got a few more to go.
Why is it always so hard to find something for the men in the family??

I have NO idea what to get Ads' dad and 2 brothers... Argh!!
Will have to think of something...
And it's Ads' 30th b-day in about a month.. No idea what to get him :/

Always so much easier to buy things for girls :P
Because I know what I'd like haha ;) 

Has anyone else started their christmas shopping??

My Christmas wishlist is not long :P

1. Would love for my mum to come here for Xmas!!
2. A onepiece... Didn't like the look of these before.. 
But I'm so cold lately and it would deffo keep me warm!
3. A new watch. I love the one I have, but want a casual one.

That's all :)

Postat av: Karolina


2011-11-16 @ 19:20:10

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