TV Shows

I've started watching some new TV shows that I like. 


I really like it. It's dark and twisted. 
Like me :P haha
It's about a girl that has a dark secret and only one thing on her mind.
Revenge. Awesome :) 


This is not a new show, but I only recently started and finished watching
Season 1. And I absolutely loved it. So smart, funny and oh so....?
I can't wait for season 2!
You just can't help liking the gentleman on the left :P
Can you? ;)
It's about lawyers. Not gonna say more. Watch it!
Love Bites

Watched season 1 a while ago and I really enjoyed it.
It's hard to explain this one.
It's about a few people that don't know each other,but their lives are connected somehow.
It's funny and romantic :) 

There is one that I've not started watching yet, but I'm going to watch the 1st episode this
weekend. (1st episode was out last week)
It's called Once Upon A Time. From 2 of the Producers of Lost!
I have high expectations on this show..
I've counted the shows I'm currently watching and there is more than 20!!
I know.. I'm crazy.. But I do love my shows.. 

I'm still so behind on some of them as I missed a lot whilst on holiday.
But I want to save some for when the winter holiday starts and they stop
the shows for weeks and weeks..
Oh and I have to mention one more!
It's not new.. But it's one of the best shows ever!!
You should watch it f you like zombies.. Well you should still watch it!!
The Walking Dead

Season 2 started few weeks ago. And it's just so AWESOME!!
I was going to put a picture of one of the zombies on here, but it might
scare some people off :P They make them look so scary it's untrue!
Have a look! You won't regret it.


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