My 30th B-day Part 2

I had the best b-day a girl (woman??!!) could have ever wished for.

The most amazing time of my life :D 

And it was spent with the best boyfriend in the world and in my favourite city.
Las Vegas ♥

We had the weather on our side for the first few days and then the temperatures
halfed! We were all in shock. Even they were (Weather channel people)
But it perked up again after a few days. 
Did get our fair share of sunshine :) 

We also had a chance to do some of the things we've not done when we'd been there
before. We went and saw David Copperfield live :D He is the best illusionist in the world.
It was amazing!! No pics were allowed :/ But trust me when I say that I was like "WOW"
more than once :P
We went to a show too! It's called KÀ, it's one of those Cirque Du Soleil ones.
It was magical. Breathaking. Again no pics allowed :( 
But I would definately go back and see that same show as it was amazing.
We went to a German beer house. Where there is October fest every day haha.
That was one of my favourite nights. We spent a fortune, but it was worth it :P

I did a lot of shopping :$ We did say we weren't going to go mad!
But I got loads of $'s from my family and Ads' family so I could afford to go crazy :P
Here are a few pics to start it off.
Ads started spoiling me on the flight to Las Vegas.
My face when I saw the Champagne must have been priceless :P ♥
Enjoyed it a bit too much!
We got upgraded when we got to Las Vegas.
(For free.. I won't tell you why lol. It'll put people off from going to the hotel we stayed in)
To a room with a strip view and balcony :)
When I woke up in the morning, September 30th I was so giddy!
It was my b-day!!! :D
Ads gave me his present. It's private :$
And I opened all the cards I got from his family. 
He went and bought me my first pumpkin spice latte to start off the day!
It was delicious.
Some of my b-day cards :)

Our view from the balcony the first morning we woke up. My b-day!
Awww ♥
We spent some hours at the pool and then we went shopping :P 
And had our first REAL Coca Cola. God it's delicious over there!
Doesn't taste anything like it anywhere else in the world :(
Bought the sparkly pink Toms that I'd wanted all summer! Happy days.
New dress too :P (From Forever 21)
My B-day Cocktail :D Was yummy-licious!
Me with a cocktail and Ads with his favourite beers :P
Had an amazing day and night :) ♥


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