Vctoria Secret is my favourite lingerie shop in the world.
Hands down.
The quality of their underwear is so high and so comfy!!
I would buy new things every month if we had a VS shop here in Manchester.
Ads wouldn't like it though haha. They are a bit pricey at times, but it's so worth it!
As they last so long and they wash really well.
(Ask anyone who does the washing in your home what I mean.. )
They also have make up and other stuff they sell. And I love their lipgloss'.
Here are a few things I'll be looking out for when I go there in September :)
My favourite Lipgloss.
Would like to try these.
I need a new bronzer. Mine is almost gone. Might give this one a go.
Nighties. Pretty :)
You can never have too many undies ;) ♥


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