I'm filled with sadnes. Utterly overwhelmed with sadness.

I read something on Twitter yesterday and I decided to ignore it.
I didn't want to know. I'm not being selfish/cold or ignorant..
I just can't take bad news very well. It's a fact and since my depression a few years
ago I decided to stop reading newspapers and watch News on TV...
I've stood by that decision until today..
Ads mentioned Norway last night too. I said "I don't want to know".
This morning I went online and started reading one of Swedens newspapers online.
I read that 84 people have been killed on an island.
Most of them young people. Kids really. That have barely had time to live their lives yet.
And they were all gunned down by a crazy person.
I have since read a surviving girls blog post and I cried so much whilst I read it.
I can't imagine what she would have been going through when she was laying on the ground
pretending to be dead when her friends were shot down around her. It makes me
so sad and I can't believe it. But it's all true :'( 

I wish I could do something.. But I'm miles away and I feel so helpless.
I hope the guy gets what he deserves, but listening to some Norwegian news they said that
the longest prison sentence in Norway is 21 years...
21 years in prison for killing so many young people? For leaving their families and friends
without their loved ones?
Where is the justice in that??

As that was not enough bad news today..
I only just read that Amy Winehouse has been found dead..
First on Twitter. I thought it was a bad, bad joke or something. 
Then it was there on BBC news and Sky News..

Poor young, brilliantly talented Amy. Why did you have to get involved with drugs and shit?
Your music will live on, but we will never hear anything new from you :'( So sad.

RIP to all of the people killed in Norway and Amy Winehouse.
My thoughts are with you.

Postat av: Anonym

It is all very sad but you mustn't get so emotionally attached. There are atrocities happening worldwide that aren't in the limelight.

Anyway, chin up, there's plenty of good stuff happening in the world too.

2011-07-26 @ 06:23:14
Postat av: Karolina

Anonymous I know this all too well. And this is one of the reasons I usually annoy media of ALL kind. I am just a very emotional person with tendencies towards depression... So it's not easy to "ignore".. Plus I am a pacifist so I can't stand violence or cruelty.. But I'm feeling better now..

And yes there is good things happening too. Like my trip!

Who are you btw? :)

2011-07-26 @ 20:00:13
Postat av: Phil

Lol its me. Sorry to disappoint ;o)

2011-07-26 @ 23:46:57
Postat av: Karolina

haha not disappointed :P Just curious! thought it was you

2011-07-28 @ 20:01:05

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