Hotel booked

Ads booked our hotel on Sunday morning.
He got a great deal! The same hotel is now well over £900.
We got it for £780 ;) Bargain!
Which one we chose? I'll tell you in a min :P

Ads is always looking around for holidays. It's what he does best!
Well besides building PC's and stuff like that.

He usually gets us really good deals when he books our holidays.
This year our flights were quite expensive, but we are flying with Virgin
and it's a direct flight. 10hrs 35 mins. And you get all your drinks and food for free
with them, so it's good :)

The hotel as I said was a bargain.
We opted out from the new and very modern Vdara.
It doesn't have a casino and the pool is not the biggest.

We also opted out of Trump as it's a bit off the strip and looks remote and
again the pool is small.

So which one did we go for?

Signatures at MGM Grand :D

We love it down that end of the strip. (South)
Our first stay was at MGM Grand and we like the casinos around that area.

Oh and look at the pools... That lazy river is going to be my favourite place during our
holiday :D

Postat av: Phil

Very nice! That's wayyy above our budget for a holiday, maybe one year we'll save for a holiday like that. 10ngts is too long for me tho :)

LV is fab, best place we've ever been, and it's been about 8 yrs since we last went. Tooooo longggg!!!! Haha.

2011-07-31 @ 13:24:48
Postat av: Linda

Wow!!! Där kommer ni ha det bra! :)

2011-07-31 @ 20:42:31

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