Abercrombie & Fitch
I remember when I first walked into one of their shops.. 
I was overwhelmed by the perfume in there (and loud music).
But the smell. So much perfume. The whole shop was filled with it.
It's quite darl in there and cold. AC is running on high. 

But as soon as you start looking around you see all these beautiful clothes
hangng up or on tables. You touch the tees. And the hoodies. And then the
sweaters.. And you think WOW. The quality of these clothes is amazing
They feel wonderful. But the price is not so wonderful. The clothes are quite
expensive.. Abit too much for my liking. 

But if I had enough money to spend I would buy some of these things.
Who knows.. Maybe I'll end up with 1 thing when I go Las Vegas ;) 
We shall see..
Love this.
I got a grey pair. And they're so comfy.
Their sweaters are ah-ma-zing!

If I could choose one of these things it would be the hoodie just above :)
I'd love a nice, comfy hoodie as I keep using Ads' and he doesn't appreciate it haha

Postat av: Linda

Vad kul att du skriver tips!

Du verkar verkligen älska Vegas och det är en stad som typ alla vill ha en guide och tips om.

Åh gud vilka fina kläder!!!

Vill ha typ allt! :)

Vilken superbra idé att byta hotell mitt i vistelsen. Haha! Det tänkte jag inte ens på! :D


2011-07-14 @ 20:32:17
Postat av: chayenne

Jag diggar de första 3 :)

2011-07-19 @ 22:04:09
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