Make up

I don't put make up on I put on some mascara for work..
Usually I'm too tired to bother!
When I go out I like to have my eyes all glammed up :P
I've never been one for lots of make up. Especiall not loads of powder and
stuff to make you look ridiculous..
Don't get me wrong.. When it's done "right", then it can look gorgeous..
But I don't see the need to do it every day. Such a waste of time and money.

I prefer to put some make up on when I go out and want to look and feel a bit prettier.
Because a nice eye shadow, a lipgloss and even some bronzer can make someone
look a bit prettier. A bit different. I prefer to be this at special occasions.
Here are some pics from when I felt pretty :) And it was mainly because of the make up.
This must be my favourite picture of me.
I was so proud of this make up :P All for Katy Perry :P
This is many moons ago.. Back in Sweden. Feels like someone else entirely..


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