2 weeks to go!

My mamma is coming to see us in 2 weeks time! :D

I can't wait to show her around. It will be interesting for sure. 
She doesn't speak English... So I will be translating all the time..
As per usual..
Oh well, will be worth it! She is coming here with her cousin.

We've been stripping the walls in the spare bedroom and need to wallpaper it now,
put flooring down and throw a bed in it :) 
We bought a bed last week and I got my favourite wallpaper.
I can't wait to see it all finished. 
Bit stressed though.. 2 weeks to get a lot sorted out. 

We can do it though!

I just want my mamma to come and see us :) 
She will be cooking Swedish Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.
Soooo looking forward to that. As I don't like English Christmas dinner :$
Me and my mamma ♥


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