It looks like we won't be going to San Francisco :(
Ads has been looking around and he noticed that a lot of the hotels were sold out.
And some other ones that aren't anything special were very expensive. 
So he asked around on Twitter and was told that 45,000 people were going there
for some convention and it falls around the dates when we wanted to go :(

So the hotels know they can charge a lot more than normal for basic rooms.
And he was told it will be very busy at all the main attractions so if we only have 2 days
there it will be tough to fit it all in. So we've decided to leave San Francisco for this time.

We will be going there in the future :) 

We do want to go to LA now though. (Well it's more me than him haha)

We'll see how it unfolds. Only 4 weeks (tomorrow) till take off!!! :D

Postat av: Phil

That's a bit unlucky with LA Accomodation. Does that include trying their travel lodges???

2011-09-18 @ 07:58:03

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