Monki Wantsies

Another shop I adore to shop in whilst in Sweden :P
We have some good designers ;) 

I'd want some of these things. Lovelies.
I'd like to wear this with a black vest stop and some nice heels.
I love Monki's shoes. I have a black gladiator wedges that I have had for a few
years now. And I can wear them all night when I go out dancing.
These would be great for autumn :)
I love this model. I got 2 already :X
A black and grey stripey one and a white one with blue stripey pocket.
A girl can never have too many skirts ;) 
This one looks fab and I bet it looks great on!
Would wear it with different coloured vest tops. 
Bright pink, orange, yellow and even green! 
It could go with anything :D
Even boring white ;)


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