I am going home to Sweden and my mamma for my 30th b-day.
Well a week before my actual b-day. Will be flying there late on the 23rd,
and only have 2 full days to see my lovely family ♥ But it's more than enough :)

I can't believe I will be eating princess cake for my b-day! :D Yay!!

This is a princess cake. It's a traditon in Sweden to eat one of these for your b-day.
Delicious!! :D Can't wait!!! So excited. And then when we get back to England,
I'll only have 2 days before we go to Las Vegas!! Perfect 30th b-day!!
(And people who know me... You know I don't like September month.. )

But this one time I actually look forward to it. Fingers crossed it all works out..


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