We will be in Las Vegas from the 29th of September till 9th of October.
We've done 1 week twice before and that was great.
Not sure why we chose to go a bit longer this time.
The longer the better I suppose! :)

But Ads is a bit unsure now. He is thinking it could be a bit too long.
And he thinks we should try and go somewhere for 2 nights while we are there.

Las Vegas is in the middle of nowhere.. You have to drive 4 hours to get anywhere.
So we've been thinking of maybe flying somewhere as it's quite cheap and doesn't take long.
Where did we think of going?

Well it's between Los Angeles and San Francisco :)
We've done LA 2 years ago, but San Francisco has always been a place we've both wanted to go to.
So we would either go back to LA and go to Six Flag/Magic Mountain for one day and the 2nd day we would go
back to Disney for a full day and then back to Vegas.
Or go San Fran and spend few days around Alcatraz, Fishermans warf/Golden Gate etc.

Decisions, decisions..
What would you do??

Postat av: Linda

Jag skulle valt San Fran. Så har ni sett det också... :) Det kan vara en bra idé att byta det glammiga i Vegas mot det speciella som finns i San Fran. Kram

2011-08-29 @ 08:14:09
Postat av: Phil

That's definitely too long. But if you've payed for the hotel room then it's a bit silly to pay to stay somewhere else. Ive a mate there now, and it's in the 40's, mid 20's at night. Lush!!!

2011-08-31 @ 10:11:33
Postat av: Karolina

Phil I don't think it's too much! I love Vegas more than any other place I've been before. I could stay there for ever :P

But Ads thinks it's a shame not to go somewhere like San Francisco or LA as it's "next door".. We aren't fussed about the hotel. It's only 2 nights. And he has found cheap flights and hotels aren't too expensive in LA. I would love to go back to Disney and six flag, but don't want to leave Vegas for more than 2 nights :) so it's perfect. we shall see what we do. I can't wait!!!

2011-08-31 @ 22:06:10

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