My life - A mess

I can honestly say that I have a lot of bad luck in my life.
Usually linked to health issues.. I have had trouble breathing for the last year.
I've been sent to different Dr's and been told so many different things.
I've had stupid hay fever sprays prescribed to me, had a CT scan, allergy tests and few weeks ago
they shoved a microscopic thing down my nose. Very strange feeling..

Yesterday I went back to the Dr's who told me I need to have major surgery..
Not one, but two different ones at the same time.
One is called Nasal Septal Surgey (Yeah I had no idea what that meant before yesterday)
and the second one is a Sinus Surgery.
The first one is a scary one.. A bone in my nose that should be straight is bent, so they need
to straighten it out.. I need to be off work for 2 weeks...!! 
I will have two black eyes after the procedure and other stuff..

Can't believe this. Could not come at a worse time.. So much else going on that I need to focus on,
but I know my health needs to come first and I need to get it sorted.

The surgery is on 4th of July...
If you're curious what it looks like then google "Nasal Septal Surgery"..
It was too yucky for me to put it on here :( 


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