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We finally went to the cinema today. It's been so long since the last time.
Think last movie we watched was the latest Harry Potter movie.
There have not been that many movies that we've wanted to watch at the cinema.
But had to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I love Johnny Depp as Captain Sparrow.
He is such a great actor. And I don't mind if they keep making another 10 movies haha.
The movie itself was good. I liked Penelope Cruz in it. I never liked Kiera Knightley :/
She just does not look healthy at all and her acting was a bit bleh.
Did miss Orlando Bloom a bit though, but all in all still okay.
It gets 4 ♥'s out of 5.
I do think there will be another movie, the ending kinda suggested it. 
Would be cool!

Postat av: Phil

We watched it too, on Monday. I'd have to say it wasn't great, 3/5 from us. Johnny Depp is class! And the sword fights very full on but the storyline just wasn't interesting. Still, JD was the highlight an we too haven't been to the cinema for months!

Hangover 2 is the next one to watch.


2011-05-26 @ 10:04:58
Postat av: CJ

Vill se!

2011-06-02 @ 20:06:42

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