A night out

That ended up with barely a half night out... Why? Because I felt like crap.

Finally had a long weekend to enjoy and we were going out to celebrate
Ads' auntie and cousin with some cocktails and a night out dancing..
The lads came to our house around 3-4pm and had quite a few drinks before
they headed out to the pub to watch United play Barca (Gutted for them as they lost).
Was fun to have the house full for once :) 

I was enjoying a few glasses of red vino whilst getting ready for the night out.
I then went next door to Ads' mums and had a cider and some weird shots that
someone had with them.. I only managed 2 cocktails at our favourite bar
Las Iguanas and after that I went home.. It was only 22.15pm when I left them all..

I was gutted. I Could not breathe and I had become quite tipsy in a very short time..
Hate being ill. I got a pizza and then went straight to bed.. :(
Not going out drinking for a while, that's for sure. 
Can't wait to be able to enjoy myself fully..
Here are a few of the pics I managed to take before I went back home.
My beautiful new dress that I bought in Sweden was wasted for a few hours.. 
Oh well, will have to wear it again soon!!


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