Lotso Hugging

I must be one of very few women who don't like V-day. 
Not sure why I don't like it, never have :/ Just think it's silly. 
Why should you only be romantic and show your love with gifts once
a year? I love my bf all year round, don't need him to buy me
gifts/chocolates/cards on a set day of the year. Would much prefer a gift
when I lease expect it. But that did not stop him from getting me something anyways..
He always does that even though I've told him not to!! Grrr!!!
Okay I sound awful now :P But I did ♥ the gifts he got me!
Especially this one! As I've wanted it since Christmas haha.
Lotso Hugging bear!! He is so cuddly and he smells delicious!!! I looooove it!!
(He is from Toy Story 3 IF you haven't seen it ;) Haha)
And he also got me these. 

We love Disney movies :D We now have 18 Disney Blu rays!! :p
Yes, we are big kids!!!


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