Xmas tree

Here is our first Xmas tree in the new house :)

The last 4 years I've had my mini black one that I still love and I even put
it up this year.
I wanted a real tree, but they are quite expensive and I found this one that I like!
It was difficult to find the right baubles to put on. Indecisive as I am :$
We had some Coca Cola baubles that we bought in Las Vegas :)
We have a bit of everything on it now. I love it!!
I opted out of tinsel.. Could not decide on a colour and think it could have
overkilled it a bit.
Can't wait to put all the presents under it later this weekend.
Oh and I got a mini one too :) 
So cute!!

They're all wrapped and ready to be unwrapped again.. Haha


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