Xmas feeling

I started getting giddy about X-mas few weeks ago. I know it was way too early!
But I just could not help myself. I bought all of the presents and wrapped them back then.

Only need to get Ads' dad one thing and something for Ads and it's all done :D

Very pleased with myself this year. I've been so organised! I did not want to rush
around last minutie in the shops with everyone else.. No way.
There is one thing missing though to make it feel like its really X-mas time..
And that is.. Wait for it...

Where is it?? I really love snow (even tho it caused me so much pain last year...)
Without snow it's not really X-mas.. Not for me at least.
I hope it shows up soon.
This is what I want!
And here is our first real tree (well it's fake, last few years we've only had our mini black tree)
Can't wait to put the X-mas presents under it!! :D


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