Life is unfair

Here we go again....
Another person that we love and care about has been diagnosed with the C word....
Why does it have to happen to someone that is so nice and caring?
I just don't get it :( 

It's almost 2 years ago (in February) since we lost D...
Now her brother has been diagnosed and it's not curable.
He only turned 60 this year.
I've only known him for a few years, but I know that he does not deserve this.

I'm so sad for Adam and his family. This keeps happening to them too often...
Don't know what to say or do. I feel helpless.
I want to scream out loud and cry at the same time.
Here we go again...
Heart ache and unfairness.
If you have someone you love, but you don't see them very often, pick up the phone
and call them. See how they are. Or go around and see them if you can.
Give them a big hug..
I don't know what else to write..
Life is just so f-ing unfair....
This is how I feel... Right now...


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